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The instructions are going to be in the attachment. In the instructions, you will see 4 options of topics to choose from, I will let the writer decide which one they would like to do.
Instructor: Charlie Huang
This team assignment is 1) to ensure your ability to analyze and synthesize major theories and concepts in international settings; 2) to improve your research skills; and 3) to offer opportunity for teamwork.
[Case Selection]
Please select ONLY ONE topic from the options specified in this file starting from Page 2. Discuss with your team to decide which option your team would like to take.
[Requirements for Team Project]
The case analysis report should be essay type with 7 - 15 pages in length, plus whatever the diagrams and appendices you feel appropriate. Reference page is NOT counted for length requirement. The report is to be typed, using double-space and 12-point type font with one-inch margins on all sides. Your writing including in-text citation and reference list should follow the APA style. You can also find all information about APA style from here: MLA style is acceptable too.
You need to search on website and our online library
( ) to find the situation and facts about the case topic, and answer the case questions in your paper report. Keep in mind that you need to cite in your text and list the references for all the information including facts and analysis that you found from other sources. At least TEN citations are required.
Your final term paper is subject to TurItIn similarity check. TurnItIn is a program for duplication/similarity check by comparing your work to online sources. You may receive a fail grade for your final paper if it has a similarity rate of 20% or higher.
[Submission Deadlines]
You will need to submit your complete draft to me by April 15th. I will return to you with my comments and revision suggestions if applicable.
The final submission is due May 9th through TurnItIn submission. Please submit your final paper a few days before the deadline so that you can have time to revise if the similarity rate is high. You can have multiple submissions but only your last attempt will be graded.
[Grading Scheme]
A total of 25 points will be allocated to the team in the following way: Your individual grade will be determined by the team grades and the peer evaluation by other team members at the end of the semester. Please see the sample peer evaluation form at the end of this file.
[Case Options]
Please discuss with your team to select ONE from the following. You need to write an essay-like report to incorporate the answers to the questions in the case.
Option 1: Carlos Ghosn: An innate cross-cultural leader
As a French-Lebanese-Brazilian businessman born in Porto Velho, Brazil and with working experience in USA and France, Carlos Ghosn is seen as an innate talent for multicultural leader. He is currently the Chairman and CEO of Paris-based Renault and holds the same positions at Japan-based Nissan, which together produce more than one in 10 cars sold worldwide.
Use the knowledge you gained from Chapter 4-7, Chapter 12-13 and possibly other chapters to discuss why Carlos is considered a successful cross-cultural leader, and how Carlos deals with cross-cultural differences.
Some basic information: ;
Option 2: From CEO to whistleblower: Proof of courage or betrayal?
Michael Woodford was the former CEO of a Japanese firm, Olympus, the first foreigner to take a top position in Japanese large firms. After a few months in his new position, he decided to report wrongdoings of the company and became a whistleblower. He was then ousted and even received death threat.
Apply the knowledge you learned from Chapter 1-3, Chapter 4-7 and possibly other chapters to understand Michael Woodfords behavior and evaluate its consequences to the company, Olympus, and the public in general. Also discuss the implications for business ethics and social responsibility in international management.
Some basic information: ; Option 3: Racing against imitation: Groupon’s global expansion
In the two years since its founding, Groupon has seen its business model copied by companies in about 50 countries. The Chicago-based group-buying site has responded to the competition by raising a ton of capital and going on a shopping spree of its very own.
Some basic information:
international-expansion ).
Based on Chapter 8-9 and possibly other chapters, identify and evaluate Groupon’s global expansion strategy. What challenges do you expect that Groupon will have or currently have? What are your strategy recommendations?
Option 4: Who has the last laugh? Samsung (Galaxy) vs. Apple (iPhone) in cellphone markets
The two entrepreneurs finally encountered each other as the top players in global cellphone market after less than ten years’ amazing growth but following totally different trajectory. Apple is the world’s largest information technology company and Samsung is the second largest measured by 2017 revenues.
Despite of their continuing collaboration since the first day of iPhone release cooperation and numerous lawsuits in past few years, it seems that the competition between Samsung and Apple will never come to an end. With respect to global cellphone market, in recent five years since 2012 Samsung remains at the top of the vendor listings. Samsung has held a share of 20 to 30 percent in the smartphone market in terms of units sold. Apple has consistently been its closest rival over the years, and even in one or two quarters sold more units than Samsung worldwide. Other brands such as Lenovo and
Huawei have also increased their smartphone market share. (Source: Statista)
Apple recently released two models at the same time, iPhone 8/8 plus with only incremental innovation and another more innovative sibling, iPhone X celebrating iPhone’s 10th anniversaries with some new (to Apple) features. Samsung is also picking up its ambition with the release of Galaxy Note 8 with comparable new design and features, after the failed and massively recalled Note 7. The battle between Apple and Samsung on smartphones becomes more complicated and uncertain.
Based on Chapter 8-9 and possibly other chapters, understand and evaluate their different international strategies that Samsung and Apple have in addressing different country cellphone markets. What international strategy do you think Apple should adopt to maintain its leadership and have the last laugh in global cellphone market? Please focus on their international strategies rather than their general strategies, such as differentiation or cost leadership.
You need to search in some useful databases accessible from UHV online library and on the Internet for news, information, and analysis reports regarding two companies.

Term Project_F17_MGMT4316_OL
Your Name: _____________________________________
Case Topic: _____________________________________
Your team is given 100 points in total for the purpose of peer evaluation. Please allocate these points among your members (INCLUDING YOUSELF), based upon the relative contribution of each team member to the team project. Please consider the following aspects: 1. quality of work; 2. time-management; and 3. working together with others. The total sum must add up to 100. You should also give explanations to justify your ratings in the following comments area.
Each student is expected to complete this form by the end of the semester RIGHT AFTER your final project paper was submitted.
This information will be strictly kept confidential, viewed only by the instructor for the purpose of evaluation.
Team Member Name:
(1) __________________________ Points __________
(2) __________________________ Points __________
(3) __________________________ Points __________
Total = 100
Comments and additional information:
(Please give explanations to justify your ratings given above. This is required.)

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2779 words including References

Title: Olympus scandal

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