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Qu- 1 What is the difference between:
• evidence-based practice
• continuous quality improvement
• research
q2. How can you decide what information is relevant or irrelevant in your research?
Q 3. Find two research articles from the last three months that relate to your area of interest in nursing (for example, diabetes, aged care, mental health) and describe them briefly including
• Title
• Aim / Objective
• Sample
• Method
• Findings
Q 4. What are research processes and how can you apply them?
Q 5. Describe the difference between qualitative and quantitative research and when each may be used.
What methods can you use to gather information for each type of research?
Q 6.. Where can you access material to help you with your research (include at least four sources in your response)
Q 7.. How can you ensure that your research sources are valid and reliable?
Q 8.. When documenting a conclusion and planning action / future research, how can you make sure you address any interdisciplinary connections you identify?
Q 9.. Handling ethics in research is critical in conducting research appropriately. What ethical considerations do you need to make and how can you ensure your research is conducted ethically?
Q 10. Define the following research styles and describe when you might use each one:
· comparison
· hypothesis testing
· trend identification
Q 11. Once information is gathered, it must be analysed. How can each of the processes be applied to information you gather during research?
· Comparing
· Contrasting
· Challenging
· Reflecting
Q 12. Describe the ‘rules of evidence’ in evidence-based practice
Q 13.. Describe the cultural considerations you need to make when performing research?
Q 14. Describe the duty of care requirements associated with evidence-based practice
Q 15.. Why is it important for a nurse to have research skills and when/how should you use these skills?

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