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Question 1 :- In your own words, describe professional reflection?
Question 2 :- Where can you access up to date information about developments in your industry?

Give an example of a recent development in nursing that will affect your professional practice:
Question 3:- Describe some (at least three) work methods and practices that can help you improve your performance:
Question 4:- What are the rights and responsibilities of your employer in terms of your professional practice?
Question 5:- What is the difference between formal and informal (non-formal) learning?

Give an example of each in a nursing context
Question 6:- What codes of practice do you need to consider when engaging in your own personal development and improving your practices?
Question 7:- What training is available to you as a Nurse?

List at least three training opportunities you can follow to help you with your professional development:
Question 8:- What are your rights and responsibilities in terms of your own personal and professional development?

Your response must include:
· CPD and how it impacts you as a Nurse
· Duty of Care
· Limitations of your role
Question 9:- a) Describe each of the three key learning styles and how they relate to people’s approach to learning.

· Visual
· Auditory
· Kinaesthetic/Tactile

b) Which learning style do you most identify with and why?

Question10:- What professional associations can you join to help you with your professional development and practice?

List at least five that relate to your planned career/specialty area.
Question 11:- What models are typically used for personal and professional reflection?

Choose two and describe them in your own words.

Example – the Johari Window (Ingram and Luft)
Question12:- How do you recognise when you need self-care, and what additional support can you seek when you identify a need?
Question13:- What professional networks exist for you to join?

Consider internal and external networks that you can participate in to enhance your professional practice.
Question14:- a) What should you include in a personal and professional development plan?
b) What techniques can you use to help you develop a personal and professional development plan?

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