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1. How can you protect a clients’ right to privacy when assisting with their nutritional requirements?
Q2. You are working with Gabrielle, a 19 year old who has been put on a strict carbohydrate controlled diet for her Type 2 Diabetes mellitus. She is upset by the lack of control she now has over her diet and is refusing to eat at all.
a) Why is she likely to be behaving this way?
b) What can you do to help her overcome this?
Jerry has been put on a strict low cholesterol diet due to his atherosclerosis. His family have been bringing him iced coffee drinks to cheer him up because they are his favourite.
a) What are the implications of this on his diet?
b) Why might Jerry be doing this, despite it conflicting with his diet?
c) How can you help Jerry to modify this behaviour?
d) What interpersonal skills can you use to facilitate this?
Q3. Describe the anatomy and physiological processes of digestion and nutrition, and elimination of waste.
Question-4 a) You are working in residential aged care. What tools or equipment can you use to assist clients with the following conditions or disorders:
· Visual impairment
· Loss of / impaired motor skills
b) How can you ensure that you are protected from manual handling injury when assisting clients with their nutritional requirements
c) Describe two other risks that need to be managed when feeding clients:
Question 5:- There are seven essential nutrients that the human body requires to function at its best. For each of these nutrients, describe how they are used by the body and two foods they are typically found in:
Nutrient How is it used? Two foods it is found in
Carbohydrates – Sugar
Carbohydrates – Starch
Carbohydrates - Cellulose _____________________
Proteins _____________________ _____________________
Lipids _____________________ _____________________
Water _____________________ _____________________
Fibre _____________________ _____________________
Vitamins (choose three and describe their purpose and where they are found)
Mineral Salts
Choose three and describe where they are found)
Question 6 Flag question
Question text
When working with clients who have a diet plan, list three incidents or occasions that may present contra-indications for the planned diet therapy that may indicate a need for review/change to the plan:
Questions 8 Why is it important to record and chart client’s meals and what should be included in this documentation?
Questions 9. List five resources you can access to assist your clients with their nutritional needs and education and where / how you can access them:
e.g. Dietician in the facility
Question 10. a) Your client, Janice has been served a hot meal of roast meat and vegetables. She tells you she isn’t hungry right now and says she might eat it later. What food safety considerations do you need to make for Janice’s meal?
b) Tony is being fed via a PEG, what infection control and food safety considerations do you need to make for Tony?
c) Sally has a gastrointestinal disorder and has been ordered to have soft food, give three examples of “soft food”. You see her friend has brought her a packet of potato chips to eat. What is the risk of this food and what is your role in helping Sally with her nutritional needs in this instance?
d) What steps should you take to prepare your clients for their meals to reduce the risk of infection and illness from food?
Question11. Some clients you work with may have cultural or religious restrictions on their diet. Describe two restrictions each that may exist for:
· Muslim clients
· Hindu clients
· Roman catholic clients
· Mormon clients
· Vegan diets
· Vegetarian diets
· Jewish clients
Based on their religious or cultural beliefs, or individual choice
NB: Some clients will not adhere to all rules of their faith and some may have additional personal rules to adhere to.
Question 12 Describe your role in assisting clients with nutrition and education about nutrition. Where does your responsibility end?
Question 13:- Why is it important to create individualised plans for every client?
What should be included in these plans?

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