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Assessment task 1: Theoretical critique on literacy learning
Due date: April 13th, 2018, 11.55PM?
Assessment task link to unit learning outcomes:
? Identify and critically examine a range of theoretical perspectives on literacies, and English and literacy learning in the primary years ? ? Understand how to assess, plan and implement literacy learning experiences that develop students' reading, writing, visual and oral literacy skills ?
? Become competent in their personal literacies, including a range of information and communication technologies ?
. Details of task: The purpose of this task is to examine the research and literature related to oral language in children’s literacy development and to explore how research informs teaching practice. ?
Task sequence?
1. You need to choose a children’s picture book from the list provided (please read the attached file, i had chosen Thelma The unicorn). I had attached the full story of the book for you, please refer to the attachments.?
2. Outline the rationales for your text selection. This should include details of the opportunities this text affords for oral language learning, specifically consider the vocabulary, grammatical structures and patterns in language evident in the text. This should include a discussion of the different aspects of language that are foundational to and facilitative of students' literacy learning. ?3. Detail a short teaching sequence (three to four tasks) that demonstrates how you will engage children in oral language learning based on the text selected. Include the learning outcomes and a description of teaching activities that foster students’ learning. ?
Word count/equivalent: 2000 words ?
Presentation requirements: The assignment should be written as an essay and must conform to APA 6th edition writing and referencing style.
Criteria for marking:
? You have identified aspects of oral language that support students’ language and literacy learning evident in the text selected. ?
? You have described tasks that are facilitative of students’ language learning providing clear details of students' learning ?outcomes with reference to the unit's course materials and professional sources. ?
? Your writing demonstrates a well-expressed, proof-read and coherent development of ideas and your paper complies with the ?word limit set for this task (plus/minus 10%). ?
? You have used correct citation conventions and accurately recorded the bibliographic details of texts cited in your paper

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2442 words including References

Title: Theoretical critique on literacy learning

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