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NSG2EHP – Education for Health Professional Practice
Assessment 2 Guidelines
Due date: Monday 7 May, 2018 at 0900hr
Word limit: 2,000 words equivalent
Weighting: 40%
Title: Plan for teaching: Lesson plan and micro-teaching video
This task assesses your ability to put teaching and learning theories into practice.
1. Use the teaching and learning theories and strategies you identified in Assessment 1 to develop a lesson plan for teaching and assessing your chosen health education topic to your client/colleague.
2. Produce a 4 minute video of yourself delivering one objective of your health education lesson plan.
• Use the lesson plan template provided below.
• Use evidence to support your selected teaching and learning approaches and their suitability for achieving the stated ILOS.
Include at least 8 high quality references (APA 6 style).
• Submit your lesson plan through the Turnitin drop box.
• Instructions on how to compress and upload your video have been provided in the subject LMS.
• Paste your YouTube video link to the template below
• Paste your YouTube link into the Padlet within the assessment 2 module and highlight what your health education topic is.
Assessment 2 Guidelines
Learning program Title of program
Session title
Venue set up requirements
Participant description
Participant numbers
Prerequisite knowledge or skills
Resources required
Aim of the session
Learning outcomes
Assessment 2 Guidelines
Structure of session
Conclusion Time Strategy
Assessment of learning Strategy
Component Time allocation Strategy
of learners
Assess prior knowledge
Time Content Learning activity Rationale supported by literature Identify chosen educational theory Physical resources required Question/Anticipated difficulties
Assessment 2 Guidelines
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