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Topic Name - Chatbot to conduct a questionnaire.
Develop an on-line system, which allows user to input questions; using chatbot to collect the answers, and store the answers in the on line system database; owner of the questionnaire can browse the data collected or download as csv file. A chatbot collecting data can be found here:
This project shall use Amazon Alexa as the chatbot.
Assignment 1 - Project Proposal (Mark: 10%) – 800 to 1200 words
Student performs initial investigation and planning for the proposed project. The proposal should :
• Adequate understanding about background, client profile and their operation.
• Clearly define purpose, scope, objectives and exclusion of the selected project.
• Project start-up plan including: assumptions, constraint, deliverables, schedule, budget, resources roles and responsibility. Explanation and justification must be provided for each item.
• Propose a meeting schedule for the group, which can take place in side class room or at other time. Including Date, Time, Items to be discussed / actioned.
• At least 6 references must be used, including 3 scholarly references. (Harvard Referencing Style)
Marking criteria are provided in Assignment 1 Marking Rubric
Marking Rubric -
• Background about client, profile and their operations are provided clearly.
• Purpose, scope, objective and exclusion of the project is provided clearly with discussion or justification.
• Assumption, constraint, deliverable, schedule, budget , resources, roles and responsibility are provided clearly with discussion or justification.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1186 words including References

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