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1600 words
Sandy Jeffs has used poetry, and storytelling to share her lived experience of mental health and illness.
In your discussion you need to address the following:
• The concept of the lived experience of mental health and illness;
• The concept of recovery in the experience of mental health and illness;
• An outline of the main ideas from the National framework for recovery-oriented mental health services: guide for practitioners and providers;
• Provide examples from the work of Sandy Jeffs to illustrate your argument about how mental health professionals can implement recovery orientated practice.
• You must, at a minimum, refer to the two poems by Sandy Jeffs, and the audio-visual link, located with this question on the LEO site.
• Links have been placed on LEO to the Department Health site A National framework for recovery-oriented mental health services: guide for practitioners and providers. You must access this document but you may access other academic sources to support your discussion.

this is the two poems
‘Medicated’ and ‘McMadness’ (Two Poems by Sandy Jeffs)
Roll up, roll up
Join me on the medication trolley
I’ve been on it for years
I’ve been Largactiled with bitter syrup
I’ve been Pimozided & Mellarilled & numbed
I was so Stelazined I was like a cat on a hot tin roof
I’ve been Modectated into a shuffle
& Clozapined into a stupor
I was Seranaced to sleep
& Abilifyed to sleeplessness
When I was Risperidoned I lactated like a cow
They Cogentined me to stop the look ups but I kept looking up
I was Lithiumed & Epilimed to even my pendulum
I’ve been Imipramined, Prothiadened, Lexaproed
Effexored & Zolofted to happiness
I was Valiumed & Ativaned into tranquillity
Now I’m Zyprexaed & ravenous & fuzzled
I’m Lamotrigined & balanced
& Seroquelled
Yes indeedy, I’m medicated & dedicated to
The medication trolley
Here’s looking at you pill bottles.

Hello, do you have a Big Mac delusion
or a Cheese Burger delusion?
is that one voice with grandiose ideas
or two voices of persecution?
have you spent all your savings
& bought three new Ferraris & a Rolls lately
& slept with every Tom, Dick & Jane?
are you self harming or
feeling unremitting misery?
then drive thru the fastpsychiatry ward
we’ll have you McDiagnosed,
treated, medicated & McSane
in two shakes of a pill bottle
& by the way, if your suicidal threats
are only attention seeking
leave now because you are wasting our time
McSanity is our business.
Now that you are here
terms & conditions apply
you can only stay a few days
but don’t worry we’ll get you McSane
before you can say
can I have some compassion with that?
we’ll give you drugs that will fatten you up
kill your libido
make you dribble & constipated
turn you into a zombie
sedate to you to exhaustion
eventually bring on diabetes
cardiovascular disease
& premature death
but we’ll have you out of here like shit off a shovel
even if you’re still mad
because there’ll be someone madder who will need your bed
but don’t worry we’ll give you a McHappy Pack
full of pharmaceutical goodies
free of charge to take with you
& just to make sure you are somewhere in the system
& can’t do a runner & not get treatment
we’ll slap a Community Treatment Order on you
& we’ll offer you McTherapy
to help you cope with isolation
unemployment, poverty & rejection
we’ll have you McSane if it kills you.
& now for some McTherapy
hello $150.99c
how are the voices today? $295.99c
keep taking the medication $380.99c
here’s a prescription $525.99c
see you in 6 months $945.99c
So, he’s McSane & out of the bin
& back in your care
how wonderful that you can experience
a deep emotional fulfilment
by looking after your psychotic son 24/7
with no support & no resources
while you hold down a job &
try to keep the rest of your family happy
& your marriage intact &
not lose your friends
don’t worry if you can’t cope when he is
threatening to kill himself
the CAT team might pop in a couple of times a day
just to make sure things are okey-doke
you’ll survive the other 23 hours
of worry & stress & doing the best you can
in an impossible situation because
you always do & because you love him
& if you are desperate you can have some McTherapy too
because your McSanity is important.
It’s a McMad world
everyone has forms to fill in & boxes to tick
i’s to dot & t’s to cross
performance requirements to meet
risk assessments to make
& pressure, pressure, pressure
Fastpsychiatry is the name of this game
Ah, McSane we’ve done it again.
© Sandy Jeffs 2012
NRSG210 Essay marking criteria & resources
Marking criteria/ weight
Focus & Introduction 10% MAX
Descriptive Content Relevance, Support & Examples 30% MAX
Critical Thinking, Analysis & Reasoning 20% MAX
Conclusion & Synthesis 20% MAX
Sequencing & Accuracy 5% MAX
Sources & Referencing 10% MAX
Sentence Structure, Grammar, Spelling & Punctuation 5% MAX
HD descriptors
There is a clear introduction that outlines the topic, and contextualises and profiles the scope, content and the sequence of the essay topic.
The content is relevant to the topic. Student has highlighted in detail all the relevant significant factors; explained and analysed the concepts and or issues and their importance.
Referred to relevant theory and literature to support their reasoning and examples are presented.
There is evidence of both depth and breadth of reading. An argument is presented and well supported with evidence.
Emphasised the importance of consumer/carer perspectives throughout the discussion.
There is a concluding paragraph which restates the topic, provides a summary of all the key points, and presents an overall conclusion.
The content in the essay matches the outline presented in the introductory paragraph. Most paragraphs are organised in a logical manner so that content flows from one paragraph to the next, and there are clear linking sentences that link each paragraph to the next. The essay ends with a rational conclusion.
Credible and relevant references are used.
References are recent primary refereed sources and seminal works.
Accurate use of APA referencing style on most occasions.
Accurate use of in-text citations.
There is no use of discriminative or stigmatising language.
Focus on grammar/Fixing grammar errors Focus on grammar/Checking your grammar Recovery oriented language guide Language use and recovery-oriented practice