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Week 4: Commencing on the 19th March 2018
Chapter 5 – Consumer and business behavior
Please post your answers to the following questions on the discussion forum and respectfully reply to any other answers provided by your peers.
How does a consumer’s level of involvement affect his or her choice of problem-solving process? Compare and contrast with high involvement and low involvement purchases.
Give an example when a company intentionally triggers recognition of a particular need through its promotional campaign.
• Give an example of a purchase for which you experienced post-purchase cognitive dissonance. Then explain how you overcame the cognitive dissonance.
What are the major stages in the consumer buying decision process? How does the Internet impact this decision-making process? Cite with examples.
For those of you who have travelled by air recently or know someone who has, what changes have you noticed that airlines are making to save money and fly greener?
Video case
Please watch this link:
How does British Airways in this commercial manage to market across cultures?

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