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Assessment task 1: An examination of learning theories?
Due date: Sunday 8 April 2018 by 11.55pm?
This assessment task (addressing learning outcomes 1, 2, and 5-7) forms a detailed examination of two or more learning theories. Building on information presented in lectures and activities undertaken in workshops, students are required to draw on peer reviewed academic literature to present a detailed examination and comparison of two or more learning theories. ?
At some point in your writing, you must address the following question: What does learning mean to you?
Your essay should:
Make use of the lecture/workshop material and relevant readings (the academic literature) to guide your writing. These may include:
? Readings provided as part of the reading list; ?
? Other items made available on Moodle; ?
? Readings discussed in class; ?
DO NOT cite lecture or tutorial content directly e.g. -According to Peers, Lecture 2, EDF4120 there are lots of theories of learning-. Lectures and tutorials are not published sources and cannot be cited directly. RATHER, you should take up the topics of lectures as they were discussed, or use examples drawn from tutorial discussion. ?
INCLUDE additional peer-reviewed readings that you find yourself. (Peer-reviewed readings include journal articles from academic publications that been vetted by other academics. This is usually stated clearly on the journal website or at the start of any hard copy publication. They also include research-based books published by academic publishers.) ?
PLEASE NOTE: Your assignment MUST include a MINIMUM of three additional peer-reviewed readings that you find yourself. These are to be identified in your bibliography by beginning the reference with an asterisk. For example: ?
*Shulman, L. S. (1986). Those who understand: Knowledge growth in teaching. Educational Researcher, 15(2), 4-14. In addition, your essay should also: ?
? Meet the word count (within 10%), and be logically and coherently structured. ?
? Use clear and appropriate language that is correct in both spelling and grammar. ?
? Ensure your work is original and that you identify where you draw on the words
and ideas of others. ?
? Make correct use of the APA 6th Edition style of referencing. ?
? All referencing must follow APA 6th Edition guidelines and a full reference list must be included. ?
Individual assessment in group tasks: Not applicable. ?
Additional information: All necessary information is provided in the guidelines above. ?
**************************************************************** Structure of the assignment refer from my tutor:
Introduction- Serves as a roadmap to let your reader know what is coming up, how this impacts on my understanding of learning
Body/ies- show the reader you are familiar with different issues and debates in the field through critical discussion
constructivism is………means to me
Social constructivism
Cognitive constructivism
You may also write about Behaviourism and Cognitivism if you think is easier.
Comparison of Social constructivism and Cognitive constructivism Reflection on learning- What does learning mean to you?
Conclusion- draw all arguments together
Reference (must follow APA 6th Edition)
Total:2000 words

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2216 words including References

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