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Individual Essay
This assignment is worth 55% of the final mark of this course. Pay special attention to the rules and deadline. Have a look at the essay marking scheme for guidance as well.
Write an essay that carries the title 'The transformative role of technologies in services-.
As the title suggests, the article would need to debate and analyse the impact and role of technologies in services. In particular, the essay should consider and debate the impact of latest technologies such as (Artificial intelligence, service robots, drones, social media etc.) on the following aspects:
• The nature of services, e.g. personalization, digitization of services, automated services
• The role of customer in services, e.g. self-service technologies
• Service design and delivery
• The impact on service employees, e.g. automation. substitution of labor with technology, reskilling of service employees
1- You must use Harvard style of referencing and avoid plagiarism by making proper citations, and using your own paraphrasing.
2- You must NOT exceed the 3300 words excluding the cover page and the references page
3- At least 60% of your references must be from academic journals
4- You MUST submit through the course website and Turnitin Only MS Word file will be accepted.
5- The strict deadline is on 30 March 2018. Any assignment submitted later than this time will not be accepted and / or will be subject to penalties.
Essay: individual essay (3300 words)
You are required to submit your individual essay online. Details to be provided in class and on the learonline course website
Learning objectives assessed in Essay:
- understanding of the role and the impact of customers, service employees
and/or information and communication technologies (ICT) on service design,
management and innovation
- critical skills and knowledge for designing and managing service systems, servicescapes
and service processes
Exam Arrangements
This course does not have an exam.
Variations to exam arrangements
Variation to exam arrangements does not apply to this course.
Supplementary Assessment

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 4020 words including Diagrams and References


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