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What is PICO
MESH terms
Assessment criteria tips
Criteria 1
Search Question and Plan
• Clear question/objective formulated to guide search
Specific (What is the specific task?):
• Who is involved?
• What do you want to accomplish?
Measurable (What are the concrete criteria for measuring change?):
• How will we know that change has occurred?
• How much change is expected?
Achievable (Is the task feasible?):
• Are the limitations and constraints understood?
• Can you meet this objective with the resources available, and within the proposed timeframe? Relevant and/or Realistic (Does this relate directly to the goal?):
• Does the objective accurately address the scope of the problem?
• Are there other factors that need to be considered to ensure the plan works?
Time-specific (Within what timeframe are you working?):
• When will this objective be met?
• When can short term outcomes be expected?
Patient, population, or problem
• Comprehensive use of synonyms, clear distinction between concepts (this is the distinction between PICO).
These are just guides – although it does help you think through your design.
Criteria 2 - Search History:

Thorough use of Thesaurus index terms; Key words; MESH terms; Limit fields

Key word searches conducted in title and abstract fields

Truncation used appropriately

Terms clearly developed

Boolean operators OR, AND used appropriately

Limit fields included such as age or diagnosis
Criteria – 3 Integrity in research conduct and ethical concerns briefly outlined
Criteria – 4 Selection of relevant references and rationale provided
Extract from the matrix for top marks - All selected references are highly relevant to search question and rationale demonstrates high level understanding of measurement issues.
Criteria – 5 References, appendices & format:
References used with correct APA 6th style
Clear use of language with minimal spelling and grammatical errors
1. PICO or SMART or a well thought out research question with sound rational
2. Develop you search terms (this could be MESH terms) and pick the most appropriate databases
3. Conduct search and collect information form searches in a PRISMA format
4. Encompass a CASP rating on your filtered articles.
5. Answer question you developed in step 1 via your systematic search.

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