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Course: Organizational Behaviour.
Due Date: April 8, 2018.
Word Limit: Please determine the word limit.
Please Read all the details carefully. This assignment is very important.
I need help for the following parts of the group case study. A few weeks back you helped me doing the Introduction and the Perceptual Error Analysis parts (Ref: Man180311364) as part of the first draft version of this group case study.
The instructor has given feedback about the draft case study (Please see the attachment ORGB.ASSIGNMENT.FirstDraft and read the instructor feedback for Introduction & Perceptual Error Analysis). Now we are required to submit the Final case study by correcting the errors and include additional parts. As part of the Group Project, I am responsible for the following parts (Introduction, The Perceptual Error Analysis & Solutions to the Problem):
(Please read the following problem statement:
Electronic Shack employees are impacted negatively by the managers' leadership style disrupting the organizational behavior of the company and losing revenue. If the challenges are not being resolved the company will be jeopardizing its success and reputation of the company.
Read the Attached Electronic Shack document.)
Introduction (This section is a very brief summary of what is happening and should be limited to no more than one page. Assume that the reader has never seen the actual case study, so you will need to be sure that the reader understands the “big picture” as to what is happening in the case. Include names and information on significant occurrences/events.)
The Perceptual Errors Analysis. (A major objective of this section is to illustrate clearly how you are using each chosen theory or theory areas to better understand the causes of the problem. Show that you are applying course material. Use subject terminology and concepts to demonstrate your understanding and ability to link to a situation (details from the case)
Some questions to ask when writing your analysis of the problem section are
a. Have we applied appropriate course material?
b. Do the causes relate to the problem statement?
c. When we draw conclusions or make assumptions, do we support these conclusions or assumptions with an example from the case?
In the Analysis, you MUST use OB terminology throughout the report in your explanations to demonstrate your understanding and application of the concepts. However, definitions are not required. Although you may use definitions to introduce a topic, keep them short. Additionally in the Analysis section:
ü Apply a theory/concept to a given situation or person and provide examples from the case to support your viewpoint. Use of direct quotes from the case can be useful.
ü, Explain how the concept relates to the situation or is a factor contributing to the problem. This must always be done. If what you are discussing cannot be related to the problem and/or situation, then it is not worth discussing.
ü, Be thorough in your analysis. Use the textbook as well as supplemental course notes and handouts to aid you in your analysis.
ü Do not make value judgments without support.
ü, Do not offer solutions in the analysis section. Do not say what should or shouldn’t happen. Stick with analyzing what has already occurred.
ü, Do not say what someone should or should not have done in the past. Discuss only what happened.
Solutions to the Problem: (Begin this section by restating your problem statement. Next, identify two potential solutions to the problem. These must be distinct, realistic and practical.
For the first solution explain why it is an option, but also why you are not choosing it as the optimal solution.
For the second and chosen solution, simply state what the solution is. The explanation will come in the Justification section.
Solutions should be reasonable, practical ideas based on O.B. theories. Any solutions that have a financial cost should be carefully explored because companies do not like to implement expensive solutions. Solutions that suggest education or training of current managers or employees should also be carefully explored because they may be long-term strategies where there are critical short-term needs. Feel free to discuss your solutions with your instructor to see how cost-effective and timely they are.
Some questions to ask when writing your solutions
a. Have we provided specific solutions that could easily be acted upon?
b. Are our solutions going to resolve the problem as quickly as possible?
c. Are there additional long-term solutions that are required to completely eliminate our identified problem?
d. Have we stated the solution(s) in clear, strong, confident language?
The only Reference that can be used is:
Organizational Behaviour. Author: Langton, Nancy
Additional Information:
In order to get your point across and be understood, your writing must be clear, concise and grammatically correct.
Pay attention to the following:
ü Maintain a consistent style of writing. If your group decides to have different people type up different sections of the report, you need to ensure that the report reads as if one person wrote it. Everyone has their own style, so you must merge styles so that the report is cohesive.
ü Always lead to a topic. That is, if you are discussing the topic of Personality, discuss the concept first and why it is important to analyze before you start describing an individual’s personality.
ü Do not use YOU. Your report is a third party narrative and you should never use the words you, your, me, my, I or any other 1st or 2nd person pronoun. Approach the case as if you are a consultant to the issue.
ü Maintain tense. Be sure that you don’t switch between tenses (ie. Present tense and past tense) without a smooth transition. This includes incorporating quotes.
ü Proofread carefully for grammar and spelling. ALL members of the group should proofread the final copy.
ü Ensure your report is readable. It is essential that reports in today’s business environment are clear and readable. Compiling a case study report requires a lot of time, so it is important to ensure the content is given the merit it deserves by producing a readable report.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 910 words including References

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