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Course: Organizational Behaviour.
Word Limit: 320 words.
Due Date: April 5,2018
Assignment Detail
Watch the video IDEO (Deep Dive) and review the below information, proceed to respond to the following questions.
The seven characteristics of organizational culture are:
Innovation (Risk Orientation) - Companies with cultures that place a high value on innovation encourage their employees to take risks and innovate in the performance of their jobs. Companies with cultures that place a low value on innovation expect their employees to do their jobs the same way that they have been trained to do them, without looking for ways to improve their performance.
Attention to Detail (Precision Orientation) - This characteristic of organizational culture dictates the degree to which employees are expected to be accurate in their work. A culture that places a high value on attention to detail expects their employees to perform their work with precision. A culture that places a low value on this characteristic does not.
Emphasis on Outcome (Achievement Orientation) - Companies that focus on results, but not on how the results are achieved, place a high emphasis on this value of organizational culture. A company that instructs its sales force to do whatever it takes to get sales orders has a culture that places a high value on the emphasis on outcome characteristic.
Emphasis on People (Fairness Orientation) - Companies that place a high value on this characteristic of organizational culture place a great deal of importance on how their decisions will affect the people in their organizations. For these companies, it is important to treat their employees with respect and dignity.
Teamwork (Collaboration Orientation) - Companies that organize work activities around teams instead of individuals place a high value on this characteristic of organizational culture. People who work for these types of companies tend to have a positive relationship with their coworkers and managers.
Aggressiveness (Competitive Orientation) - This characteristic of organizational culture dictates whether group members are expected to be assertive or easygoing when dealing with companies they compete with in the marketplace. Companies with an aggressive culture place a high value on competitiveness and outperforming the competition at all costs.
Stability (Rule Orientation) - A company whose culture places a high value on stability are rule-oriented, predictable, and bureaucratic in nature.
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Watch the video Deep Dive (available online through the NAIT Library) and answer the following questions.(See above mentioned video link)

Identify how each of the seven primary characteristics of culture applies to IDEO, and explain how by supporting with specific examples. (Rate each characteristices as high, medium or low, and explain/support your rating).Text page 348
I. Innovation and risk taking
II. Attention to detail
III. Outcome orientation
IV. People orientation
V. Team orientation
VI. Aggressiveness
VII. Stability

2. In Reading the organization culture at IDEO. Text: Page 353-354

A. Identify specific examples within IDEO to support whether it has a strong or weak culture

B. Identify and describe specific artifacts of organizational culture that are apparent at IDEO. (Identity as stories, rituals, material symbols, language)

3. How does the president of IDEO create a positive organizational culture? Page 366-368

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Word Count: 501 words including References

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