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Assessment 2
“How to do it” is a company which provides information and products for the DIY
(Do-It-Yourself) sector.
It has grown significantly in the past few years and turnover has increased from
around $3m to over $15m per annum.
The company was originally managed by the owners who, as it grew, hired staff
from predominantly amongst people that they knew or were already known to other
staff. Staff numbers had grown from less than 10 to over 60 during this period
and many employees were married to, or in relationships with, others within the
Audits are conducted annually and the audit company is well regarded and has been
doing the audits since the company began. The auditors are regarded as part of the
team and attend the Christmas function each year.
At the most recent Christmas function one of the auditors commented to the general
manager, as an aside during a conversation, that he was surprised that given the
increase in turnover that the yearly profits were not higher.
The general manager decided that during the Christmas break he would look at
the auditor’s report and review the situation. The auditor’s report made no such
statement but after examining the figures it was apparent that profits should have
been higher.
When the office re-opened he requested the auditors to undertake an examination
specifically to discover why it was so.
The auditors investigated and reported that the section manager responsible for
major purchases had paid invoices to a company which he and his wife owned. The
amount paid to the company was in excess of $500,000.
The section manager was responsible for signing off on work completed, or supplies
received, and authorising payments. His wife was responsible for issuing the
cheques. Both were signatories to the cheque account.
a. What breaches of internal control were there
(3 marks per breach, max 12 marks)
b. What modifications to procedures would you implement?
(5 marks per modification, max 20 marks)
Assesssment 2 total: 32 marks

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 633 words including References

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