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Human Resource management Unit & should be done by Human Resource expert
Critically analyse the institutional and stakeholder contexts for developing sustainable HRM as a new discipline to achieve corporate sustainability.
Please be advised that in the body you have to talk mainly about multilateral Organisation for sustainability ( institutional context ) , financial market institution for sustainability ( institutional context )& civil society organisation for sustainability ( stakeholder context ). The diagram will help you. You have to choose one of them to go more in deep, the other two you have just to explain briefly. I have already written for you which is institutional & stakeholder context
Length and/or format: 1000 words
Purpose: The purpose of this assessment is to help you develop an understanding of the contexts for sustainable HRM.
How to submit: Submit through Turnitin
Return of assignment: Students can access the marked assignment through Turnitin
Assessment criteria: Refer to the rubric provided in the appendix of this unit outline.
Referencing : Harvard Style ( Journal Articles , books ) Do not use unknown website as reference. Use google Scholar for proper Journal articles
Introduction : About 150 words
Conclusion : 100 words ( do not use referencing in conclusion & do not open a new topic )