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School of Computing and Information Technology
ISIT 930
Introduction to Health Informatics
Autumn Session 2018
Assignment 1 (Individual assignment)
Conduct a literature review on “Tailoring and personalisation of applications in health intervention for asthma management”.
A systemic literature review is to be conducted.
Literature should be current. They should be from academic databases.
You are expected to use endnote or Mendeley for references.
Key word use for search, inclusion and exclusion criteria should be included.
Turnitin will be used to check plaigiarism.
Due date: 26th March @ 11 pm
Weighting: 20%
Length 3000 words
Example literature review papers will be presented in week 2 tutorial. You can download endnote software from the library website.
Assessment Criteria
Weightage Marks allocated Excellent Very good Good Satisfactory Marginal poor

Abstract 1
Introduction 2
Research method & Approach 3
Research process /Method 3
Inclusion criteria 3
Exclusion criteria 3
Literature review 3
Review process (evidenced from 3
Results 5
Relevant information, analysis
Discussion and 2
conclusion 2
N.B. Assignment must be submitted online and also in hard copy with a school cover page with information completed in the tutorial. The receipt section will be returned to students as the guarantee of submission. Assessment items will be returned to students during tutorials.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 4012 words including References

Title: Tailoring and personalization of applications in health interventions for asthma management

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Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3689 words including References

Title: Title: Tailoring and personalisation of applications in health intervention for Asthma Management

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