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brief Information sheet on cruise destinations. Choose
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O Europe / Mediterranean
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one of the following:
• Europe — river
• Antarctica
• Alaska
• Caribbean
+ New Zealand
• Europe / Mediterranean
• Major cruise ports & ports of call
• Cruise lines that cruise there
• Cruising season
• What makes it a unique/popular destination?
• Target markets
Select a cruise line for your destination
+ Name and website
• Types of ships and style of cruising
• Ship names and capacities (select 2 or 3)
+Target markets
+Brand or slogan (if you can find one)
Choose a cruise ship & itinerary to explore in depth.
• Prepare to explain and 'sell' the cruise.
+Remember to include lots of details on the ship and the on board
facilities & accommodation options.
• Include an example of a shore excursion
How would you address these issues when recommending a cruise:
• Safety and security concerns
+ Health
+ Cost
• Boredom
SITTTSL016 — Assessment Task 1
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