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Assessment tasks
Assessment Task 1: Critical essay on lenses on child development Due date: 25 March, 2018Estimated return date: Three weeks from the date of submission
Assessment task link to unit learning outcomes: This assessment task links to unit outcomes:
1. demonstrate knowledge and understanding of multiple theoretical perspectives that underpin child development and learning
2. demonstrate insights into different theories and their application to child development, learning and agency in diverse cultural contexts
Details of task: Child development is a complex field of study and no single theory can provide an exhaustive account of how children learn and develop. The goal of this task is to offer a taste of some of the exciting concepts of developmental and learning theories of child development by drawing out their similarities and contradictions. Your tasks are to:
? Select two theories from those discussed in this unit and identify at least THREE key enduring concepts in each;
? Compare and contrast if any, the similarities and contradictions emerging from the key concepts from the Two theories you have identified in terms of child development and learning (that is, what views are expressed by each theory’s concepts in relation to child development?)
? As a professional teacher in preparation, select ONE area of learning activity, for example, science, numeracy or literacy etc. and show how you would use the key enduring concepts you have identified in the two theories you have selected in planning teaching activities for young children to meet their specific developmental and learning needs. Word count/equivalent: 2000 words Weighting/Value: 50%
Presentation requirements: The assignment must be presented as an essay using subheadings as appropriate. The essay must have an introduction main content area, conclusion and references in an APA format. Assignments should not exceed word limit by more than
50 words. Make sure to include your name, student ID and unit Code and title on your assignment.
EDF5021 Lenses on child development - Semester 1 (S1-01) - 2018
50 words. Make sure to include your name, student ID and unit Code and title on your assignment.
Individual a
ssessment in group tasks: N/A
Additional information: Please use Times New Roman and 12 point font with 1.5 spacing to facilitate easy reading of your assignment.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2301 words including Diagrams and References

Title: Developmental/Maturational Theories and behaviorist Theories

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