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Subject Code and Title COMR2002: Business Information System
Assessment Discussion
Individual/Group Group
Length Minimum of 500 words
Learning Outcomes Explain the role of Business Information Systems, its major types, functions and components.
Submission By 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday of Week 3
Weighting 10%
Total Marks 10 marks
An understanding of Information Systems is important to the work of all business professionals. Employers are looking for employees who understands both business and technology.
This assessment enhances the students' skills and knowledge in understanding what makes up a business information system and its role in making a business operation successful.
The skills and knowledge gained in this assessment enables the students to contribute to their future organisation's BIS strategy and planning.
1. Read the case study provided.
2. Students need to discuss with their group members the following:
a. Who are the stakeholders in the case study?
b. What kind of information do each of these stakeholder need?
c. Give a list of data needed to be able to provide the information needed by the stakeholders.
d. Give at least two examples of Business Intelligence needed by the stakeholders.
e. Give one example and explain when knowledge can be used by the stakeholders in the case study.
f. How will information systems assist in the case study's business operations?
Assessment 1_ COMR2002 BIS.docx Page 1 of 3
3. For online students - selected leader of the group should post your group's responses to the discussion board (include the names of the members)
4. For face to face students - present your group's responses in class.
5. Students will be assessed on the correctness and completeness of the answers posted (or presented). Students should be able to demonstrate their understanding of the types, components and functions of Information Systems.
Assessment 1_ COMR2002 BIS.docx Page 2 of 3
Assessment Attributes Fail (Unacceptable) Pass (Functional) Credit (Proficient) Distinction (Advanced) High Distinction (Exceptional)
Knowledge and
Limited understanding of required
concepts and knowledge
Key components of the assignments such as data, information, business intelligence, knowledge and
stakeholders were not addressed ; or
Key components of the assignments were not addressed correctly
Shows understanding of the introductory concepts in Information
More than half of the key components of the assignments were addressed correctly
Thorough knowledge or understanding the introductory concepts and the role of
Information Systems in business
All key components of the assignments were addressed correctly but minimum explanations were provided on some answers.
Highly developed understanding of the introductory concepts and the role of Information Systems in business.
All questions were addressed correctly and explained completely. Shows evidence of some analysis on how stakeholders and key components of information systems were identified.
A sophisticated understanding of the introductory concepts and the role of information systems in business .
All questions were answered and correctly addressed and explained.
Justifications and explanations shows evidence of
systematic and critical analysis on how stakeholders and key components of information systems were identified.
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