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Due Date: March 8,2018 @ 11:55 MST (Canada)
Word Limit: 800-1000 words
Assignment Detail:
NOTE: Complete the Activities below on Conflict, for colleagues responses, share something in which you have encountered conflict and how are you dealt with it and/or how have you experienced conflict at your workplace and /or anything that can add value to the discussion on Conflict.
Question 1: This activity requires you to analyze two different viewpoints on the role conflict plays in today’s organizations.
a. Read the “Point” and “Counterpoint” commentaries at the end of the chapter.(Please see attachment)
b. Do you agree or disagree with the comments made?
c. Share your thoughts with your colleagues.
Question 2.
Complete the following instruments:
What is my preferred conflict handling style? To identify your preferred conflict handling style please click on Conflict Resolution Questionnaire (
Discuss the below scenario.
Given your handling style (the outcome of the Conflict Resolution Questionnaire) and your own experience to date, suppose youre a new manager having to mediate a conflict between two of your employees:
The first is a very aggressive individual wholl stop at nothing to get what she wants.;
The second is a shy, somewhat timid individual whos been very intimidated in the past by the first employee.
You trust the judgment of the second employee implicitly while you appreciate the invaluable experience which the first brings to her position.
How will you realistically (based on your scores) work to successfully resolve this issue in a manner which produces the greatest success for each of the employees and yourself?
Question 3.
Read the following mini-case study and answer the following questions:
Craig Ltd.
Lorna Kasian was the assistant to the president of Craig Ltd., a manufacturing firm located in Halifax. Her job occasionally included overseeing special projects that were given to her by the president. Recently, he had asked her to draw up plans for renovations to the company’s administrative offices and to see that the renovations proceeded efficiently and on time. Kasian was looking forward to this project because one of the outcomes would be a new office for her.
Because Kasian wanted to make a good impression on the president, she immediately put the project at the top of her priority list. She gave considerable thought to what should be included in the renovations; then she contacted a local architect and had him draw up renovation plans. When the blueprints were ready, Kasian circulated a memo to all those who would be affected by the renovation and invited them to a meeting to announce the changes that would be made.
At the meeting, everything went wrong. Several secretaries who were going to have to move their workstations as a result of the renovation were upset. After they had received Kasian’s memo, they had gotten together on their own time and drawn up an alternate plan, which Kasian could immediately see was better than hers. They argued that the renovations should be delayed until everyone had a chance to comment on them.
Several other groups were also upset. The drafting department members, for instance, complained that their proposed new quarters were unacceptable and that no one had consulted them about the specialized type of space they needed. The marketing people complained that there was no area where sales meetings could be held. They reminded Kasian that the president had promised that, when renovations were made, a large meeting room would be included.
Kasian was exhausted by the time the meeting ended. She was concerned that the president would hear about the negative tone of the meeting and that it would reflect badly on her.
Is this conflict cognitive or affective conflict? Explain.
2. Identify and support from the mini case content three sources of conflict in this group. Explain.
3. Which conflict management strategy would you recommend Lorna use? Why
Problem solving:
4. Which conflict management strategy do you think would be least effective? Why?
Question 4
1 Assume you are in the group facing the scenarios described below.
2 Identify which conflict management strategy—forcing, yielding, avoiding, problem-solving, compromising—would most likely produce the best results. Each answer can be used only once.
3 Explain your reason for your choice.
Scenario 1:
Your department has been working with Purchasing to select the best vendors to supply the materials you need for a major new project scheduled to begin at the end of the next quarter—about 4 ½ months from now. Your department’s representatives and the purchasing group met to discuss options and preferences of both groups about two weeks ago. Little was accomplished in that first meeting because the parties seemed to be interested only in pushing their own preferences and didn’t seem to be listening to one another. The second meeting is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.
Scenario 2:
Peter from Engineering called you to set up a meeting between your two departments to discuss the final decisions on Product X’s design features. These final decisions have little, if any, impact on your department’s ability to develop a marketing program for the new product. Peter’s department has definite preferences on these final decisions and is pressing to get the final decision-makers to see things the “engineering way.”
Scenario 3:
The two labour contract negotiating teams—one representing corporate headquarters and the other representing the union members—are down to the final day of negotiating before the contract expires. The union is threatening to go on strike, and management is threatening to replace strikers. Four issues remain unresolved. Two issues are particularly critical for management to win, and the other two are very important to the union members.
Scenario 4:
Your company is the key player (meaning you are contributing more money than any other company and are also responsible for coordinating the effort) in a consortium of six companies working together to build a new centrally-located facility to meet the childcare needs of your employees. At the last two meetings, where the representatives from the six companies met to review the bids from the building contractors, the meeting was dismissed with no decision made. Of the three bids submitted, one company in the consortium is pushing for Contractor A, two want Contractor B, and the remaining three (one of which is your company) are in favour of Contractor C. The deadline for making the decision is today, and the meeting is scheduled to begin in 20 minutes.
Scenario 5:
The meeting has been going on for 2 ½ hours now, and it is 3:45 on the afternoon before a 4-day holiday weekend. The final agenda item to be discussed significantly affects both your department and one other. Each department is clearly on opposite sides of the issue. As soon as the meeting facilitator directs the meeting participants’ attention to the final agenda item, you can almost feel the tension in the air—you’d swear it’s thick enough to cut with a knife.

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Word Count: 1002 words including References

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