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Assessment – Sustainability Proposal
Pass Criteria
The proposal must include all the sections below
Introduction You will provide a brief statement discussing what you are intending to write about including:
• The problem you are intending to address
• Background information
o Why do you need to make improvements
o Discuss the context (the setting) for the proposal
o The student must identify the need to perform an analysis of current work processes to collect information and data to assist in identifying areas for improvement. This will include, but not be limited to:
? Current Resource management practices
? Current Purchasing Strategies
? Current Resource Usage
• What resources will be needed (Including funding)
• What you would like to do (How you will go about solving this problem)
• A description of your role in the process
• The main conclusions
Strategies Show evidence that you have researched more than one (1) way to fix the problem (from the section above) and that these strategies are be suitable for the industry
• Your investigation must be related to the issue and must show focus on the problem
• You will need to show that you have collected, organised and analysed information from a range of sources
It is expected that research has been done using a variety of websites, texts and journals to gather information that is suitable to the context
• You must discuss compliance with environmental regulations and / or sustainability benchmarks
o Examples of Industry benchmarks for environmental and resource sustainability, that are relevant to the organisation, must be discussed.
o Explain how your strategies can assist in achieving these benchmarks
It is essential that the student has a focus on compliance with environmental / sustainability regulations with consideration of current industry issues and concerns around sustainability and resource efficiency
You should also discuss the flexibility of your strategies to allow for operational limits, or business opportunities, and this can include discussion on possible business growth
Evaluating the Strategies All of the strategies discussed, in the section above, will need to be evaluated and must include measurement against current practices -
The student must discuss how this will help to improve the business
The student must discuss how the changes will be integrated into current procedures relating to:
o Purchasing and their suppliers
o Quality Assurance
You must discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of each of the strategies discussed
Your evaluation will include discussion on:
• Short term impact
• Long term impact
• Realistic budget estimates (Costs to implement and run the strategies). This may include:
o Training
o Equipment purchase & installation
o Product purchases
o Communication and marketing costs
o Financing costs
The student must provide evidence to support their costing estimates
• Possible technology to allow for constant improvement
Once you have evaluated the strategies you will make a recommendation on what strategy or strategies you would implement. This recommendation will:
• Take into considering all the options
• Explain why you have made this specific recommendation
NOTE: Once you have made your recommendation on what strategy / strategies you are going to implement, this is all you will need to focus on for the rest of the proposal
The student is required to show that they have considered the appropriateness of the options investigated and have considered the most suitable for the context
Case studies may be used to support the recommended strategies
Information gathering from Stakeholders Discuss how you will source the information that you need to help you create a plan (strategy) and to evaluate the strategies, as discussed in the section above
• You will need to discuss:
o Who you will get information from
o What type of information will they be able to provide you with and how this can help you
o How will you get this information (meeting, phone call etc.)
? The methods must be appropriate
You must show that you have considered the needs of the stakeholders as well as the business and given staff opportunities to have an input into possible solutions that will improve resource efficiency and improve current work practices
You will include how you will communicate the requirements of the strategies to staff, with the intent to encourage participation
• Discuss a possible reward system for staff participation
o Relative to the sustainability initiatives
The students will need to show appropriateness in any proposed reward strategies and explain the criteria for rewarding staff
Setting Targets Discuss your final goal for the strategy
• Includes clearly defined and appropriate efficiency targets aligned to the strategy / strategies that you implement
These targets must be clear and identify external information sources where required
NOTE: Consider using a comprehensive S.M.A.R.T. Target statement to meet the requirements
Implementation Plan You will create an implementation schedule is that details the:
• Activities
• Timelines
o When the activity will start as well as how long this will take
• Any required resources
o This may include products or people
• Who will be responsible for managing each activity, and why
The implementation schedule will also include budget stages:
• What funds will be required at each stage of the implementation
The implementation schedule will include all activities that happen during the strategies’ life
• From approval of this proposal until the timeframe identified in the target has expired (from the section above)
• This will also include monitoring and reporting to show evidence of resource efficiency improvements
Identify possible areas of concern when implementing the strategies and explain how support would be provided for staff that have concerns over the workplace changes
• Must discuss what change management techniques you will use
The student must demonstrates the appropriate sequencing of activities
The student must include appropriate techniques and tools to assist in achieving efficiency targets
The student must include details of various stakeholder’s responsibilities
Promoting the Strategies Discuss how the changes would be communicated to each interested person (stakeholders)
• Before implementation
o With a focus on the implementation of resource efficiencies through improved work practices
• During implementation (progress)
You will need to discuss:
• Who you will communicate information to
• What type of information will you provide to them, why?
• How will you provide this information (meeting, phone call, etc.)
o The methods must be appropriate
Discuss how your proposed strategies may be used in the business marketing
The student must identify marketing methodologies that align with sustainability principles
Monitoring the plan’s progress Explain what you would monitor to be able to determine if the strategy is a success or not.
• How it will be monitored
• Why it will be monitored
• Who would be responsible for the monitoring. Why?
Explain what monitoring tools and/ or technology you would use and how you could evaluate the suitability of these tools or technology
Must be relevant to the concept
Create a monitoring schedule to support the implementation and continual improvement
The student must include details of data types to be collected and the methodology to be used
Reporting on the plan’s progress Explain who you would provide reports to and why
• Relating to the progress of the implementation
Explain what type of information would be included in your reports, to each stakeholder that receives a report, and explain:
• What information they would specifically be interested in
• Why this information would be included
Describe the style of reporting you would use for each type of stakeholder
• Explain why you chose that particular format
The student documents how the outcomes will be communicated to key personnel and stakeholders
The student must select appropriate types of reporting for each stakeholder
Create a reporting schedule that includes details of all reporting activities
The student has created an appropriate reporting schedule to ensure all stakeholders are informed at appropriate times during the life of the plan
Evaluation Plan Explain how you will be able to determine if the implemented strategy was a success or failure
• Discuss what critical factors you would need to control
o because if they weren’t controlled they could directly affect the success of the implemented strategy and the strategy may fail
Explain how you could further improve the business sustainability, after the success or failure of the implemented strategy
Discuss the reasons for making adjustments to efficiency targets, based on the success or failure of the implemented strategy.
Give an example of a new target that you would set, based on the success or failure of the implemented strategy, and explain why you have chosen this new target
The student must show continual improvement strategies in the form of new efficiency targets, that are directly related to the results of the monitoring and evaluation plan
References To be included if you have used any information, to support your proposal, from another person or source
Appendix To be included if you are providing supporting information that is not included in the main part of the proposal
Assessment: Sustainability Proposal
BSBSUS401- Implement and Monitor Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices
You work for the Regency Hotel Complex in the catering division. The Hotel group is contracted to provide all catering at the Regency Stadium, Croydon.
Regency Stadium is a world-class multi-use facility just 10 minutes from central Adelaide and is considered by many to be the best football stadium in Australia.
Apart from Football, the venue also hosts Rugby League, Rugby Union and a variety of other sports that utilise rectangular pitches.
The Stadium is also a fantastic outdoor concert venue with a capacity of up to 26,000 for concerts.
The stadium has a major corporation that has naming, catering and exclusive pourage rights to the stadium. The corporate sponsor is extremely environmentally aware and contributes over $500,000 a year to the oval.
In October 2014, the sponsor extended its naming rights sponsorship of the stadium at Croydon by another five years, taking the agreement through to 2023, conditional upon a number of concerns that were raised at a recent board meeting, regarding the stadium’s environmental history, being addressed.
The following issues were raised:
• At a recent football match, the major sponsor hosted a corporate box. One of their major clients was disappointed that the banquet packaging was not able to be recycled and that this was unacceptable to the passionate environmentalists.
• The sponsor is demanding that recyclable packaging be investigated, with a worthwhile plan implemented within 12 months.
• If no action is taken to address this concern, the sponsorship extension will be withdrawn.
• A staff member had previously suggested the implementation a recycling program for the stadium.
• The board wants this idea investigated further with a view to setting targets and implementation within the coming year.
• A report has been submitted for recycling but is lacking detail, particularly regarding costs to set up and maintain.
• A recent audit of energy usage has found that it is substantially higher than last quarter and likely to continue at this level.
• Investigation also found that usage was higher than other similar venues.
• The board wants this figure to be reduced by 5% within a year and 10% over 2 years.
There is a need to review current practices, determine achievable continual sustainable practices and produce an implementation plan for operational areas.
You have been asked to follow up on one of the above issues and present a proposal to be forwarded to the board of directors.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3893 words including References

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