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MGT8002 S3 2017 – Make-Up Assignment
Make-Up Assignment (3000 words) Due on: 16 April 2018
Choose a multinational corporation that you have some basic familiarity with.
Undertake the following tasks:
1. Do an analysis of the external environment that your chosen corporation competes in. Please note that the external environment may include both domestic and global environments.
2. Do an analysis of the strategic capability of the corporation you have chosen.
3. Critically discuss the strategic choices that you think are pertinent to the strategic positioning of the corporation.
4. Justify a strategy that you believe the corporation should be pursuing.
5. Discuss the stakeholder issues that the corporation might encounter and how should the corporation seek to resolve them?
6. How should the corporation organise itself in terms of governance and strategic vision? You may add your reasonable assumptions here.
7. What might be the implications of the strategic planning exercise for the growth of the corporation at large?
8. What could the corporation do in order to sustain their growth and success in the future?
Important information
• All assignments must be submitted in Microsoft Word format. No hard copy assignments will be accepted. Please do not submit PDF files as they will not be marked. You must submit ONE document only. Please do not submit additional files. Your examiner will only look at the one file per assignment. Please do not submit files of excessive size containing photos and other large graphic presentations. Late assignment will not be accepted and should this be the case a failing grade of ‘F’ will be granted for the course automatically.
• Your Make-Up assignment will be marked by the Course Examiner and then you will be informed whether you will receive a passing grade of ‘C’ or a failing grade of ‘F’ for the course.
• This is an essay and thus students should use an essay format for their assignments. Accordingly, students should avoid using table of contents, bulleted and number lists. They can include diagrams, tables and figures. However, all diagrams, tables, figures and other additional information should be included in appendices. Information for essay writing can be found at:
• The word limit for this assignment is 3000 (+/– 10%) words. The word limit includes introduction, body and conclusion, but excludes reference list and appendices.
• Harvard referencing style is the official style in the Faculty of Business. Students must use Harvard style for their assignments. They are required to include a reference list in their assignment, not bibliography. Further information regarding the style can be found in the following website:
• Students should avoid using references sourced directly from the internet (i.e. references with http://www … addresses) as these references have dubious academic value. Practitioner magazines or business publications (i.e. Fortune or Business Review Weekly) may be used for illustrative purposes only (i.e. they may not be used to support your main argument but materials in them may be summarised to provide very brief examples). As a postgraduate student in a university, you are expected to produce work to high academic standards. Written material must be presented well, be thoroughly researched, contain appropriate references, and demonstrate considerable thought and appreciation of the subject matter. You need to have academic references such as peer reviewed/refereed journal articles or academic books to support their arguments. Non-academic materials such as magazines and newspapers should be treated, as much as possible, in the same manner as academic books or periodicals and other print based resources.
• As a postgraduate student, you are expected to use appropriate academic references to support their arguments. This means that they must acknowledge other people's work when adopting their ideas or arguments. In a postgraduate course like the one you are doing for the course (3000+ words), you should have 10 or more academic peer reviewed references in your assignments. Academic references include peer reviewed academic journal articles, government (such as Australian Bureau of Statistics) reports and academic books. You should avoid using references sourced directly from the internet (i.e. references with http://www … addresses) as these references have dubious academic value. You will NOT be penalised for having less than 10 academic peer reviewed references in their assignments. HOWEVER, you are likely having insufficient arguments or their arguments are not supported by academic references or their arguments are perceived as plagiarising other people's work IF you have less than 15 academic peer reviewed references in your assignments. Whatever that reason may be you may not pass your make up assignment.
• Use double line spacing with 2.5 cm margin on all sides as the format for your assignments.
• You should commence their essay with an introduction. Then body and conclusion. In an essay like this, I suggest that introduction and conclusion should be around 300 words (10% of total word limit).
• As this assignment is to analyse a MNC, you will most likely need to provide some background about an organisation that you are familiar with. However, information regarding the corporation should not exceed more than 200 words as the assignment is not about what the company is and does. The focus of the assignment should be strategy analysis and management, not company background.
• You can use headings and sub-headings in your essay. Your essays will be assessed against the marking criteria sheet.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3343 words including References

Title: [Strategic Analysis of Apple Inc.]

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