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Course Cert IV in Commercial Cookery, Dip EM & HM, Adv Dip HM (CC, HM, EM)
Subject Title Sales and Marketing Strategies
Unit of Competency SITXMPR007 Develop and implement marketing strategies
Title of Assessment Task Marketing plan
Submission Week Module 6 - 11:55pm Friday, Week 11
This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to analyse internal and external business environments and to develop and evaluate marketing strategies and plans for products and services.
This assessment task should be attempted after completing Modules 3 - 6.
Assessment Submission Policy
Assessments must be submitted by the due date, indicated at the top of the assessment brief. Should and extension be required, students must put their request and reason in writing.
Collaboration with classmates on assessments is encouraged, with students sharing research and testing ideas. However, the work presented for grading must be the individual’s own interpretation and analysis of resource materials based on the case scenario, written in their own words. Students should not share completed template and/or work with other students.
A ‘satisfactory’ result for this assessment is required in order for the student to achieve competency in this subject.
The College policy is for students to be given three (3) opportunities to submit each assessment for grading. Draft assessments will not be reviewed by the Lecturer. The Lecturer commits to providing a forum for students to workshop assessment tasks, facilitate discussion, answer all student queries and provide feedback about the assessment.
Submission 1: If a student is assessed as ‘unsatisfactory’ in the assessment, detailed feedback will be provided. The student will be given seven (7) calendar days to revise and resubmit the assessment for grading.
Submission 2: If the second submission is assessed as ‘unsatisfactory’, detailed feedback will be provided. The student will have two (2) calendar days to revise and resubmit the assessment for grading.
Submission 3: If the third and final submission is assessed as ‘unsatisfactory’, that outcome will stand. Detailed feedback will be provided to the student for review.
Late submissions: A student who submits an assessment up to seven (7) calendar days after the due date (or agreed extension date) and whose work is deemed ‘unsatisfactory’ will be given one further opportunity to demonstrate competency in that assessment. Following notification of the unsatisfactory outcome, a student will have two (2) calendar days to resubmit. Resubmissions must be made on time. If, after the second submission, the student’s assessment is still assessed as ‘unsatisfactory’, that outcome will stand.
A student who submits an assessment more than seven (7) calendar days after the due date (or after the agreed extension date) and whose work is deemed
‘unsatisfactory’ will not be given a further opportunity to demonstrate competency in that task, unless there are exceptional or extenuating circumstances.
This assessment provides you with a practical case study for you to apply the principles of market. As such it requires you to review the background of the business, conduct external research, and provide relevant ‘practical’ examples of how each of the concepts of marketing apply to the business. You are not required to explain the theory relating to the marketing concepts covered.
There are four (4) parts to this assessment. Each part builds into the next, therefore it is imperative you employ a systematic approach to complete the assessment. Each part must be satisfactorily completed in order to achieve competency in this unit.
Below is an overview of the requirements of the assessment:
• PART A relates to the ‘Marketing Environment Analysis’ of William Blue Resort. An understanding of the business and research into the marketing environments (internal and external) needs to be completed, with practical examples of how each component affects William Blue Resort.
• PART B requires you to complete a ‘SWOT Analysis’ for William Blue Resort. You will draw upon the information obtained in Part A to populate the SWOT and develop goal statements.
• PART C relates to ‘Marketing Strategies and Tactics’. This information will come from your understanding of the business (Part A) and the development of goal statements (Part B) to create marketing objectives, distribution, promotional and research strategies, and evaluation tools.
• PART D requires you to develop a ‘Creative Concept’ (full text and layout design for an advertisement) for a promotional tool to be implemented, which links directly to a recommendation for promotional tools detailed in Part C.
This mandatory assessment will be performed by individuals. Group collaboration is a fundamental requirement for the planning process of marketing strategies. As such students are required to work collaboratively on the assessment to formulate Part A Environmental Analysis, Part B SWOT Analysis, and Part C Marketing Strategies and Tactics, with the final assessment to be completed by individuals. Student collaboration will be encouraged through participation in workshop forums where students will be required to share research, ideas and suggestions to broaden understanding of how these principles of marketing apply to the assessment case study.
For the purpose of this assessment, you are role playing the ‘Sales & Marketing Executive at William Blue Resort’ (a fictional business), reporting to the Director of Sales & Marketing, Mike Brand. Your fellow classmates are members of the Sales & Marketing team whom you will consult with to develop next year’s marketing plan for William Blue Resort.
Please refer to the attached Brief and Information Pack to gain a full understanding of assessment requirements and Resort background, facilities and service standards.
William Blue resort is a new style of resort for the Whitsundays area. The 4 Star property offers a luxury boutique resort experience at affordable prices. Run by Industry Placement students under the guidance of acclaimed international hoteliers, William Blue Resort boasts innovation in service delivered by tomorrow’s leaders.
William Blue Resort provides an idyllic location and the promise of excellence in food, beverage and service delivery. With a focus on quality service standards and innovative packaging solutions, William Blue Resort can customise client experiences to meet their needs.
Vision Statement
“To be Australasia’s leader in hospitality education. Being the best means industry will seek out our students for employment opportunities because their training provides a live, practical environment to apply and develop skills for outstanding quality service across all departments, ensuring a true value for money experience for our guests.”
Mission Statement
“To provide a quality, live training platform to develop student skills and make industry connections to promote career potential.”
William Blue Resort opened for business in 2013. Located at Airlie Beach, the gateway to the Whitsundays,
Queensland, the resort provides a fully operational industry placement option for students of William Blue College of Hospitality Management (Sydney based). Management of the resort are international professionals who have received numerous industry awards in their field from around the world. They have been selected based on their extensive industry knowledge and staff training and motivational skills.
Owned by Laureate Australia and set up as an extension to William Blue College of Hospitality Management to develop the practical skills and experience of students, the Resort serves the needs of paying customers. Given the Resort operates as a launch-pad for final trimester students (Industry Placement – Terms 5 & 6 [6 month duration] Advanced Diploma), prices have been set below industry norm with the goal of achieving on average 85% occupancy. These occupancy levels have been set to ensure student staff is challenged throughout their work placement and to provide them with the opportunity to hone their skills to achieve their potential. The forecast for the Resort is to break even.
Student staff are from diverse cultural backgrounds. Understanding of linguistic and cultural differences is a key area for the Resort (some students speak up to four languages and approximately 50% of student staff are from international origins). Human Resources have developed a comprehensive induction program for new student cohorts who arrive at the Resort every three months. Utilizing the language and cultural skills of the student staff base, special training programs have been developed to increase overall staff understanding and customer service effectiveness for the business. Extensive counselling and support services are provided to assist students with the transition to the resort (living away from home) and throughout their Industry Placement. All students are accommodate din staff quarters on the resort property, in shared accommodation.
Through the development of industry connections and practical training effectiveness, William Blue Resort has achieved 87% satisfaction (rated by students) for placing students in career building employment opportunities upon completion of training. William Blue Resort has a strong Alumni program creating effective networks amongst past students.
William Blue Resort has won the following industry awards:
• Best Tourism & Hospitality Training Facility, Australia – 2014, 2015, 2016
• Excellence in Hospitality, Leisure & Retail Services – 2014, 2016
• Best Training Restaurant, Qld – 2015, 2016
• Queensland Government, Customer Service Award – 2016
William Blue Resort’s policy is that all marketing documents must be approved by the Director of Sales & Marketing. Timelines have been set by management for the development and approval of marketing plans to ensure communications agencies are briefed on creative development requirements, and distributors are negotiated in a timely manner to sell the Resort to end user.
William Blue Resort’s marketing plan is based on a calendar year. Delivery requirements are as follows:
? Environmental Analysis o 15 March: Approved by Director of Sales & Marketing
o 18 March: Issued to department heads and relevant agency partners to prepare for SWOT workshop
? SWOT Analysis and Goal Statements o 15 April: Approved by Director of Sales & Marketing
? Marketing Strategies and Tactics o 15 May: Approved by Director of Sales & Marketing o 18 May: Distributed to relevant department heads
o Any adjustments required to the marketing plan must be documented and approved by the Director of Sales & Marketing, and communicated in writing to relevant department heads
The General Manager of the Resort reports into Laureate Australia head office (Sydney based). His role is two-fold:
1. To provide a quality ‘practical’ training platform for students of William Blue College of Hospitality Management.
2. To create a value for money, quality resort destination experience for customers.
Given the Resort is a training platform for industry placement students, William Blue Resort’s operational structure has been designed to provide an increased level of middle management and supervisory staff (compared to other resorts) to ensure student staff are fully supported to consistently achieve the standards of the Resort and provide extensive training, setting them up for the best possible start to their careers
Department Heads
General Manager: Matthew Rivers
Chief Engineer: Brad Fischer
Director of Sales & Marketing: Mike Brand
Financial Controller: Jeff Carter
Food &Beverage Manager: Andreas Boccelli
Organisational Chart
Front Office Manager: Helen Smith
Executive Housekeeper: Stephanie Little
Human Resources Manager: Dimity Russell
Health & Fitness Manager: David Jackson
William Blue Resort has established contracts with suppliers of goods required by the Resort to deliver consistent high quality services to customers. To ensure the requirements of the Resort, a Service Level Agreement for all key suppliers has been negotiated. William Blue Resort works hard to create effective and productive relationships with all suppliers.
Given William Blue Resort is a training facility, where relevant, negotiations with suppliers incorporate the supplier providing product tastings, information sessions and field trips, to ensure student staff have full knowledge and understanding of the products they are using and promoting to customers. Where possible, William Blue Resort promotes and uses Australian produced products.
Some areas for supply for the resort include:
• Food – fruit / vegetables, seafood, meat, condiments etc.
• Beverage – wine, beer, spirits, soft drinks, juices, water etc.
• Activities – equipment , services
• Amenities – toiletries, cleaning products
• Entertainment – bands, DJs, cultural performances, hosts
Since opening, the Resort has targeted the following:
• Domestic leisure guests – Lifestyle focussed with a passion for excellence in food and beverage. Adult-skew, based in Sydney and Melbourne. Stay on average 7 days.
• International leisure guests – Asian market, predominantly from China and Japan. Seeking tropical, value for money holiday. Average length of stay is 4 days. Feedback indicates a number of guests’ first visit other areas of Australia, and come to the Resort as a final Australian destination, flying out of Brisbane to return home.
• Domestic corporate conferencing – Medium sized companies and departments within larger corporations have been targeted (Sydney, Melbourne). Looking to combine conferencing and leisure to create memorable experiences for delegates. Value for money, team building activities, excellence in food & beverages are drivers for decision making.
Occupancy for the last 12 months is at 73%.
Current Share of Business
Domestic Leisure - NSW Domestic Leisure - VIC Domestic Leisure - QLD
Domestic CorporateInternational Leisure

To date, the Resort has contracted the services of the following distributors:
• Travel Agents (receiving 10% commission) – Flight Centre, Harvey World Travel
• Tour Operators (commissions vary between 10-20% based on volume) – China, Japan
• Online Intermediaries (fee based on room nights booked) –,,,
• Direct Reservations – William Blue Resort website
Sales & Marketing Executives at the Resort have recently receive3d inquiries from external event organisers in relation to its ability to manage weddings, product launches, and sporting events/ groups. This is an area of opportunity that should be further explored by the Marketing team.
The Resort recognises that existing target markets are limited and that through research it will be about to identify and clearly define opportunities to expand its reach. This will require the broadening of distribution network to allow the Resort to reach desired occupancy goals.
To date, the Resort has developed promotional material (on a limited budget) to build brand awareness and generate reservation inquiries with a focus on domestic leisure guests from Sydney and Melbourne, and international guests from China and Japan. To increase occupancy, the Resort utilised newspaper promoting special offers, as well as enlisted the support of online reservation websites offering reduced rates for last minute bookings.
Sales Representatives have focussed on domestic leisure and corporate customers, with the lion-share of business coming from the corporate conference sector. Much more work is required to engage tour operators and give them confidence that our ‘training resort’ provides quality services and experiences for guests. To date, the Resort has not conducted any familiarisations with distribution partners to showcase first-hand the quality experience the Resort can provide to guests.
The William Blue Resort website provides (English language only) information on the product and services available, photo gallery, video tours, customer reviews, student profile feature, and reservation service.
The property has used the following promotional tools:
• Advertising – online; train station billboards (metro areas – Sydney, Melbourne)
• Personal selling – sales representatives targeting corporate accounts (metro areas – Sydney, Melbourne); travel agencies (metro areas – Sydney, Melbourne); half-yearly meetings with international tour operators (China, Japan)
• Public relations – targeted campaigns running in Sydney and Melbourne
• Sales promotion – discount offers (Sydney, Melbourne)
Public relations, personal selling and sales promotion are areas to be developed in the future.
William Blue Resort has contracted the following intermediaries from communications agencies to support / service promotion:
• Leo Burnett Australia – advertising agency o Thomas Scott, Managing Director (fictional name) o Tanya Millington, Group Account Director (fictional name) o Justin Kobane, Creative Director (fictional name)
• Mango Australia – social media and public relations agency o Jennifer Holmes, General Manager (fictional name) o Graeme Stapleton, Account Manager (fictional name)
• Ethic Communications – for translation services of marketing collateral o Momo Lin, General Manager (fictional name)
Contracted agencies work collaboratively to achieve an integrated marketing communications campaign. Meetings are held once a month to discuss results, issues and areas for improvement. Representatives from the Advertising and Social Media / Public Relations agencies are invited into the consultation process relating to the Resort’s SWOT analysis. All agencies attend the annual marketing plan briefing, with each agency receiving individual detailed briefs on what is to be carried out within their area of specialisation.
Marketing Executives at William Blue Resort undergo an annual 360° appraisal which involves feedback coming from members of their immediate work cycle, including direct feedback from subordinates, colleagues and managers, communications agencies, as well as self-evaluation. This process is vital to ensure continual staff improvement, achieve the highest standards for the William Blue Resort brand, and to fully engage our communications agencies in a sustainable and productive two-way partnership.
Agencies are set performance indicators linked to brand awareness, share of heart and share of mind.
Based on figures for the last 12 months, share of market for 4 Star Whitsunday’s Resorts is below. This chart includes all of William Blue Resort’s existing competitors.
William Blue Resort
Daydream Island Resort
Reef View Hotel
Beach Club
Palm Bay Resort
Brampton Island Resort

Allowing for 2 pax per room, 100% occupancy achieves the following revenue estimates:
• Accommodation (100 rooms) $6,132,000.00
• Food & beverage – average allowance per day of $80pp $5,840,000.00
• Activities – average allowance per day of $40pp
TOTAL: $14,892,000.00
Based on achieving 85% occupancy levels (business goal), next year’s revenue projection is:$12,658,200.00
PART A: Environmental Analysis
The marketing environment analysis is the foundation of a marketing plan. You are required to collect and analyse information on the internal and external business environments of William Blue Resort. As this is a fictional operation, some freedom and flexibility can prevail in keeping with the overall brand standards of the resort (see ‘background’ in briefing document and information pack).
Internal elements include:
• The organisation
• Suppliers
• Marketing intermediaries
• Customers
• Existing competitors
• Publics External elements include:
• Demographic
• Economic
• Natural
• Technological
• Political • Cultural
• Emerging competitors
• The Australian Bureau of
Statistics: pic&Action=Expand&Num=3.16
• Tourism Australia:
• The Whitsundays Regional Council:
• Destination Queensland:
• Tourism & Events Queensland:
• Tourism Tropical North Queensland:
• Queensland Government:
To complete the Environment Analysis you will evaluate:
• Core activities of the resort
• Customer base
• Business values and current business direction
• Current and past marketing and its effectiveness
• Business performance information to identify strengths, weaknesses and critical success factors
• Capabilities and resources including the need for specialist assistance
• Opportunities for market growth or decline, with associated risk factors
• Comparative market information
• Industry and customer trends and developments, including emerging technologies and innovations
A template has been provided for you to complete. Do not adjust or change the layout of the template.
All sections of the template must be addressed, providing practical examples of how each element of the marketing environment impacts William Blue Resort is required.
The template includes a section at the bottom for ‘Marketing Department use only’. This section must be completed to demonstrate your understanding of the approval processes required by the business.
PART B: SWOT Analysis
Drawing from the information gathered in Part A, the Environment Analysis, prepare a SWOT Analysis for William Blue Resort. A SWOT profile is used to create goals, strategies and implementation practices. It aids in decision-making across the organisation and creates an understanding of the business.
Goals are outcome statements that define what an organisation is trying to accomplish. A goal statement is a well-defined purpose of a plan that is real, practical and shared. Goals are general statements of what you want to achieve, and they need to be integrated with the company vision.
The Goal Statements you develop must incorporate the three existing target markets, as well as identify two new target markets. Further, the goals must be able to be translated into promotional strategies and tactics (see Part C) to support the business in achieving its occupancy objective of 85%.
Goals should be focussed on the important aspects of the business, and should meet the following criteria:
• Suitable: Does it fit with the vision and mission of William Blue Resort?
• Acceptable: Does it fit with the values of the company and the employees?
• Understandable: Is it stated simply and is it easy to understand?
• Flexible: Can it be adapted and changed as needed?
A template has been provided for you to complete. Do not adjust or change the template. All sections of the template must be addressed. The template includes a section at the bottom for “Marketing
Department use only”. This section must be completed to demonstrate your understanding of the approval processes required by the business.
Additionally, to achieve the most complete and objective results, a SWOT Analysis is best conducted by a group of people with different perspectives and stakes in the business. This should be reflected when completing the last section of the template where you are required to list the departments and/or agencies, names.
• For William Blue Resort and communications agency intermediaries – refer to listing in briefing document for: Department Heads and Communications Agencies
• For William Blue Resort personal (other than Department Heads), refer to the organisational chart in the briefing document for job titles, and create a fictional name for these people
To complete the SWOT Analysis you will:
• Identify and analyse the internal and external market
• Explore new and innovate marketing approaches
• Develop goals consistent with the direction and values of William Blue Resort
• Integrate legal, ethical and sustainability considerations
• Consult with key stakeholders – workshopping and sharing ideas with classmates
PART C: Marketing Strategies and Tactics
The marketing mix, also known as ‘the 4 Ps’ (product, place, price, promotion) is a widely accepted theoretical framework used by marketing professionals to simplify their marketing strategies.
Once you have reviewed the assessment brief and background information, and completed Part A (Environment Analysis) and Part B (SWOT Analysis), the next step in preparing a marketing plan is to determine a positioning statement.
You are required to define the positioning statement for William Blue Resort. A positioning statement is a sentence or series of sentences that define what the business is, what makes it unique and why it is relevance to the consumer.
When developing the positioning statement, consider the company vision and mission statements. Then you need to understand how the consumer perceives William Blue Resort, as compared to competitors. To do this, you need to establish what the point of difference is for William Blue Resort (what makes it unique), and include the reasons to believe (support information that makes the competitive advantage real).
The Resort has projected revenue based on desired occupancy levels. Refer to the briefing document to determine the occupancy objective. Then calculate how many room nights this equates to in 12 months. It is recommended you also break the room nights down to a weekly figure that needs to be achieved.
Are very precise, time-based, measurable actions that support the completion of a goal. Objectives must be related directly to the goal – be clear, concise and understandable, be stated in terms of results (beginning with an action verb), and specify a date for accomplishment.
Objectives should meet the following criteria:
• Measurable: What will happen and when?
• Suitable: Does it fit as a measurement for achieving the goal? (refer to goal statements developed in Part B)
• Feasible: Is it possible to achieve?
• Commitment: Are people committed to achieving the objective?
• Ownership: Are the people responsible for achieving the objective included in the objectivesetting process?
In order for the business to achieve the over-riding objective of 85% occupancy, it needs to sell 31,025 rooms in the next 12 months. When establishing your objectives for Part C, you need to keep this in mind. The marketing strategies and tactics you develop must work toward achieving the business objective.
Each and every goal statement developed in Part B must be turned into quantifiable objectives in Part C, from which the distribution and promotion strategies and tactics will be developed.
The marketing budget must be sufficient to ensure adequate resources to achieve objectives and to meet timetables that describe the time period in which expected sales results will occur.
Resort management have set the marketing budget based on ‘Percentage of Sales Method’ for the next calendar year, allocating 7% of total projected revenue. You are required to calculate the 12 month marketing budget, describing how you reached the final amount.
The ‘Action Plan’ is two-fold. You need to list and explain the distribution channels you recommend for next year’ marketing plan. Consider existing distribution, as well as determine new distribution channels required in order to achieve the objectives. You are required to name the selected distributor, provide a date that contracts needs to be negotiated by, and list who from the resort is responsible for managing this process.
You also need to provide explanation on the strategy (What are you doing? How will it work? Who’s the target market? When will it run? Who’s responsible for overseeing implementation?) for each recommended promotional tool. The promotion strategies must clearly link to the marketing objectives.
Promotional tools that must be included are:
• Sales promotion
• Personal selling
• Public relations
• Advertising
• Website (William Blue Resort)
• Social media and or emerging technologies
Once you’ve worked out your promotional strategies and tactics, you need to cost them. Within the template, clearly indicate the percentage and dollars allocated to each promotional tool category. You are required to present a promotions plan that is on budget.
Measures are the actual metrics used to gauge performance on objectives. Measurement is a fundamental requirement and an integral part of strategic planning and of principles of management. Without a measurement tool in place, you cannot tell where you have been, where you are now, or if you’re heading in the right direction. Each and every promotional tool detailed in the ‘Action Plan’ must have its own quantifiable objectives and measurement devices established.
Feedback is essential to maintain the standards of the business and ensure customer satisfaction is achieved. To assist in this regard, you are to determine the objectives and discuss a strategy (research instrument) to obtain feedback relating to:
• Customer satisfaction o Consider customer service levels, facilities design and cleanliness, food & beverage offering, activities platform, timely delivery, ambience, what works / doesn’t for the customer, value for money perceptions
o What is the objective for research in this area?
o How will you obtain this information? Which departments / services will it relate to?
• Student staff satisfaction o Consider staff quarters, training and development programs, access to industry partners for career connections, counselling services
o What is the objective for research in this area?
o How will you obtain this information?
• Target markets o Consider origin of customers, market potential, share of market, share of mind, share of heart
o What is the objective for research in this area? o How will you obtain this information?
Once we commence implementing the plan, we must continue to monitor the marketing environments
(internal and external) as well as the results of activity being actioned. Through this process you will, from time to time, identify areas of your marketing plan that required adjustment.
For the purpose of this assignment, you are to assume that something within the marketing environment has changed (use your imagination) resulting in one of your promotional tools failing to achieve the desired objectives.
You are required to adjust the selected strategy and tactic to enable you to keep on track with meeting your objectives. You need to include the date in which the issue was identified, the reason for the adjustment, the action to be taken, approval process, the date the adjustment was completed, list the people who need to be advised of the adjustment and how the adjustment will be communicated.
The template includes a section at the bottom for ‘Marketing Department use only’. This section must be completed to demonstrate your understanding of the approval processes required by the business.
Additionally, you are required to complete the names of the department / positions that this confidential marketing plan should be distributed to, and the date of distribution. Please refer to the organisation chart and listing for names of Department Heads.
To complete the Marketing Strategies & Tactics you will:
• Workshop with classmates
• Clearly communicate priorities, responsibilities, timelines and budgets
• Communicate and implement agreed strategies
• Evaluate methods and benchmarks
• Make adjustments to strategy
• Submit marketing plan for approval, according to Resort policy
PART D: Creative Concept
You are required to develop the creative concept (text and layout) for advertisement detailed in your ‘Action Plan’ in Part C. When developing your advertisement it is recommended you apply the AIDA principle. It’s a way of thinking about the key steps an individual needs to take before purchasing a product.
Attention Gaining an initial awareness of the product and establishing knowledge
Interest Establishing a willingness to investigate purchasing
Desire Creating an intention to purchase
Action Closing the sale – turning intention into a confirmed sale
Your creative concept (advertisement) must include:
• Branding – William Blue Resort logo
• Resort location
• Slogan
• Eye catching visuals
• Body copy explaining the resort and/or offer
• Reservation details

Submission Instructions
Templates designed in accordance with William Blue Resort’s organizational policy for the Environmental Analysis, SWOT Analysis and Marketing Strategies and Tactics are provided for you to use. Please do not change the formatting of the templates.
The work is to be submitted via the subject page on the Student Learning Portal. The documents are to be typed, and submitted in Word Document format. Students must use the templates provided. Work should be clearly marked with subject name, assessment title, student name and number, and submission date.
Assessment Process
• All items must be submitted.
• All items must be satisfactorily answered / addressed / completed in order for you to achieve a “Satisfactory” outcome for this assessment.
• Please note that this is one assessment from the range of assessment tasks you will complete. You must complete all assessment tasks in this subject. Please refer to your subject outline for information on the other assessment tasks.
• Clear, constructive and accurate feedback will be given to you on your results and performance • The assessment items you submit will be retained by the college as evidence of your performance.
College Policies and Procedures relating to assessments, and associated forms, are available via

William Blue Resort tailoring events for your individual needs.
We welcome the opportunity to provide special menus and service to meet your requirements.
Sales & Marketing
T (02) 1234 5678
For events and conferencing, William Blue Resort provides an idyllic location and the promise of excellence in food, beverage and service delivery. E vent catering is one of the most varied forms of food service.
William Blue Resort has numerous options available for tailor-made and exclusive events, product launches and corporate conferencing. William Blue Resort promotes individualized catering and location options
Since opening in 2013, William Blue Resort has received rave reviews from guests who have been surprised by the international edge this new ‘training’ resort provides the gateway of The Whitsundays, in Queensland.
William Blue Resort offers guests a chic and functional environment with minimalist designed suites inviting the outside in, exceptional service standards and genuinely sophisticated cuisine. It is the perfect combination of the comfort and facilities of a hotel, with the privacy and hospitality of a boutique retreat. The interiors are fresh with white backgrounds interlaced with rich browns, reds and creams and finished with high quality fabrics, leather and wood. Oversized day beds, comfy sofas, poufs and large coffee tables are scattered throughout the Resort for guests to lounge back and enjoy, whilst taking in the views of the beach, gardens and islands.
Relaxed sophistication, sublime food & beverage, and open hospitality is to be experienced by all visiting William Blue Resort. The dynamics of the hotel is relaxation, entertainment and a place to have a good time with a focus on excellence in food and beverage, relaxed lunches and decadent dinners. William Blue Resort caters for the adult market, attracting those who understand the value of service, who view food & beverage as an integral part of recreation, and who are looking for a different style of holiday or work retreat. With two airports nearby, it’s the ideal get-away.
Set in the tropical surrounds of Airlie Beach on the beach front, William Blue Resort has a great deal to offer allowing guests the chance to do as much or as little as they like. William Blue Resort has developed an extensive activities program from beach soccer, tennis, volleyball, deep sea fishing, sand surfing, white water rafting and much more.
William Blue Resort truly is the gateway to adventure. Venture off-shore to experience the crystal clear waters, perfect for snorkelling, sailing, sea kayaking or scuba diving - which is reputedly world class with colourful corals, intriguing wrecks, exhilarating drifts and the Big Fish encounters.
Or take an unforgettable journey into paradise, rafting the Barron River Gorge, an exciting Class II-III whitewater. Explore hidden grottoes, cool off beneath cascading waterfalls and hike amidst emerald forests. Fun, adventure, and uncommon beauty – this river trip has it all.
Alternatively, laze on William Blue Resort’s sandy beach that stretches for kilometres whilst being soothed by the constant sound of waves lapping on shore, or lounge on sun beds sipping cocktails by the pool. Those looking to be pampered can indulge in a relaxing tropical massage, facial or manicure and pedicure. All available to those staying in-house.
The Resort is also home to a championship designed 18 hole, par 72 golf course playing around mountains and through canals. With 66 bunkers and multiple water hazards on 12 of the 18 holes, it truly is an adventurous golf course.
All food & beverage areas overlook the pool, tropical gardens and beach. The a la carte restaurant, Bistro and Beach Bar Barbecue, coupled with the 5 bars and a night club, offer the most outstanding food and beverage experience imaginable.
To support guests staying in-house, William Blue Resort has developed a Media Centre located on the mezzanine level, above reception and the Lounge Bar. The Media Centre provides guests with access to computers, high speed internet connection, printers and faxes. The facility offers 35 computers set up for privacy of users. Secretarial services are also available to guests by appointment.
Surrender from the everyday and experience the renowned William Blue Resort quality, style and exquisite food and beverage in the majestic surroundings of the Whitsundays at an affordable price. The value per dollar is truly second to none.
All 100 suites invite the outside in, making the most of the sensational scenery of the Whitsundays. The Ocean View Suites boast a panoramic view of the ocean and neighboring islands, whilst the Garden View Suites enjoy a lovely bright and airy ambience overlooking the tropical gardens.
Each room is fitted with superior technology to ensure fast and consistent access to the internet and individual fax lines. Satellite TV, In-Suite Bar, new marble bathrooms, air conditioning, private balconies with daybeds, are standard fare.
All suites provide guests with the luxury of Jurlique range of products that absorb quickly and will rejuvenate, replenish, hydrate and nourish your skin.
William Blue Resort has 12 Penthouse Suites, located on the upper level of the Resort. Each Suite boasts breath-taking views of the ocean, with island vistas. The suites are elegantly appointed with imported furnishings. Features include exquisite domano floors, full service bar, king size four poster bed, walk-in wardrobe, sitting room with oversized day beds, two spacious balconies, internet connection, plasma TV and satellite television.
The Resort has 44 Ocean Suites. Each suite accommodates 2 people. Roll-aways and cots are available on request for children under 12, and should be pre-arranged to ensure availability.
The Resort has 44 Garden Suites. These twin suites are furnished with two double beds and are able to accommodate a maximum of 4 adults.
Cost (AUD$) Rack
Penthouse Suites – Ocean View $300.00
Ocean View Suite –Queen $180.00
Garden View Suite – Twin $120.00
Casual, convenient pool and beachside, light lunch in or out, the Bistro is perfect for those who want to stay in bathers and make the most of the sunshine. The bistro offers quality meals and snacks, with flavours that will pique the interest of our guests. Full beverage list available throughout the day.
Trading Hours 7am–10pm
Coast restaurant boasts 270º views of the Pacific with a panoramic view of the outlying islands. The cool breeze flows through the open plan, providing the idyllic tropical setting with an international edge. The contemporary fusion style of food delivers the freshest local produce in addition to the best the rest of the world has to offer. The menu is inspired by the magnificent surroundings, and all dishes are complemented by an exciting wine list selected by our Sommelier.
Trading Hours: Monday to Sunday from 6pm
Sophisticated and fun. The Coast Lounge is the ideal location for cocktails & canapés. Guests can lounge back in large day beds and enjoy the uninterrupted views of the South Pacific with a bird's eye view of the ocean. The cool breeze flows through the open plan, providing the idyllic setting with an international edge. The ambience is intimate, moody and sensual. Experience a full range of cocktails, champagne by the glass and cognacs, all complemented by delectable canapés and funky tunes.
More social in event style, with the Whitsundays brilliant sunsets as the backdrop, the Beach Bar creates an alfresco style atmosphere, highlighted by the mirror-like water of the beach front and the cool caress of the breeze. The cabana extends to an outdoor slate lounge sectioned off for exclusive events, where guests will sit back and enjoy the natural amphitheatre created by clever design. And to top it off, the Beach Bar has an upstairs outdoor party deck that captures the essence of the Whitsundays with 360º views taking in islands and the sunset over the mountains. The cocktails are fresh and fun, complemented by canapés and light snacks full of gusto and flavour for guests to savour. The feeling generated is funky and alive.
Trading Hours 4pm-10pm
For night-time events only, the Clubhouse facility at The Greens will be opened exclusively for private, social events. The Clubhouse will attract many weddings and parties. A more picturesque venue you could not find. Minimum 30 people / maximum 200 (cocktail style). Cost includes venue hire. Trading Hours 7pm-12am
For those who are looking for a more intimate environment to conduct their special event, the night club's ambience is moody and sensual. Limited by numbers, the night club will attract an exclusive clientele who are comfortable within the stylish and somewhat exotic Moroccan surrounds with large day beds decorated with sumptuous cushions in rich reds, golds and blues. The sunken red bar is a focal point, drawing guests in and offering the very best in cocktails, champagnes and cognacs - all of which are matched perfectly by canapés.
Trading Hours 9pm – Late
First impressions count. An indoor waterfall over a mirror spanning 6 meters of the bar as well as visually interactive presentations projected on 2 screens reflecting into the waterfall, set us apart from any reception in the Whitsundays. Designed to greet guests with open hospitality and outstanding service on arrival. The tranquility of the wall of running water and the stylish and comfortable furniture, provide the perfect meeting place for drinks throughout the day and into the night.
Trading Hours 11am-11pm
William Blue Resort has state of the art conferencing facilities, with the Event Centre accommodating up to 100 guests. Please refer to the Group Meal Plan Options for details on food & beverage packages available at the Event Centre, and costs associated with it.
The Boardroom is available for private booking and can accommodate up to 25 people. Light refreshments and/or lunch and dinner service are available upon request.
? Room Hire – 2 hours $50.00
? Room Hire – half day (up to 4 hours) $90.00
? Room Hire – full day (up to 8 hours) $150.00
? Light refreshments including:
o Tea, coffee, water, fresh juice and assorted pastries and fresh fruit $15.00pp
For all costs associated with lunch and dinner, please discuss your requirements with your Sales & Marketing Executive who will tailor a package to your needs.
As part of the overall Resort offering, various sporting and activity services have been put in place to entertain guests, providing them with a true tropical holiday experience.
Priding itself on exceptional service standards and excellence in all aspects of hospitality, our staff and those of all supplier companies, are young, passionate, energetic, helpful & friendly. Below are some of the activities available to guests of William Blue Resort.
Tennis Day Night
? Hourly booking rate
Equipment Hire $10.00 $20.00
? Tennis racquet hire (per racquet, per booking) $5.00
? Tennis balls (per set, per booking)
Biking $5.00
? Mountain bike – per hour $5.00
Cocktail & Canapé Classes – cost per person
? Learn how to make 6 cocktails (1/3 size each)
? Canapés provided
? 1 hour
? Daily 2 tank dive $170.00
? 6 Dive package $480.00
? 10 Dive package $750.00
? Night dive $106.00
? Gear hire - per dive $16.00
Padi Courses
? Discover scuba diving $170.00
? Scuba diver $500.00
? Openwater (certification) $700.00
? Adventure diver $360.00
? Advanced diver $480.00
? Rescue diver $660.00
? EFR (first aid) $180.00
? Divemaster
Rafting & Kayaking $1,400.00
? 1 day: Barron River Gorge rafting $220.000
? 1 day: Coastal sea kayaking
Boating Adventures $55.000
Fishing Trips - min 6 people, max 8 people
$250.00 $1,500.00
? Full day – 9 hours (includes morning / afternoon tea, lunch and drinks)
? Exclusive fishing charter (min 1 person / max 8 people) on 34”boat
? Exclusive fishing charter (min 1 person / max 10 people) on 40”
Island Beach Trip - min 5 people, max 15 $85.00
? 1/2 day beach swimming, snorkelling (includes transfers, morning
tea, drinks) $160.00
? Full day beach swimming, snorkelling (includes transfers, morning / afternoon tea, BBQ lunch and drinks)
Note: Alcoholic beverages available for purchase throughout the day
The Massage Cabana is situated on the beach front and nestled beneath palm trees, with the soothing sound of waves lapping on shore, it truly captures the essence of the Pacific creating the idyllic setting for relaxation. Utilizing Jurlique spa products, you will experience rejuvenation of the body and a sense of peace and tranquillity.
Body scrub & body polish $45.00
Basic pedicure & foot spa $40.00
Basic manicure $15.00
Facial scrub & polish $25.00
Massage selections, per ½ hour charge:
Relaxation massage $30.00
Swedish massage $45.00
Neck & shoulder massage $20.00
Migraine massage $30.00
Sports injury massage $45.00
Free-of-Charge Activities
? Snorkeling -
? Volleyball -
? Beach Soccer -
? Touch Rugby -
? River Kayaking -
? Windsurfing -
? Sand surfing -
? Croquet -
? Beach Cricket -
? Beach Fishing -
? Petanque -
? Monopoly -
? Scrabble -
? Carromboard -
? Catch Ball -
? Paddle Bats -
? Quiz Nights -
? Pool / Snooker Coin Operated
Set amongst tropical rainforests and winding canals, with 66 bunkers and multiple water hazards on 12 of the 18 holes, the 18 hole, par 72 golf course is truly adventurous. Supported by the Clubhouse and Pro Shop facilities, and its neighbouring hotel property, golfers will experience excellence in food and beverage delivery, exquisite location and surrounds and exceptional service throughout.
Casual Green Fees 18 Holes 9 Holes
• Hotel guests $25.00 $15.00
• Visitors $35.00 $25.00
• Juniors (under 16)
Equipment Hire $15.00 $10.00
• Golf cart $20.00 $15.00
• Trundle $7.00 $7.00
• Premium clubs $25.00 $18.00
• Standard clubs $15.00 $10.00
• Balls $7.00 $7.00
• Shoes
Driving Range / $5.00 $5.00
• Balls (50 balls) $10.00 $10.00
• Club hire (each club)
$2.50 $2.50
Lessons Casual Member
• 1 hour private $60.00 $40.00
• 1 hour share (2 people) $45.00 $25.00
• 9 hole playing with Pro $100.00 $70.00
• 1 hour Clinic Short Game $25.00 $15.00
• 1 hour Clinic Full Swing $25.00 $15.00
• 1 hour Clinic Ladies, including pastries, tea & coffee $32.00 $22.00
NOTE: All prices quoted are subject to change.
Proserpine - You may wish to fly into Proserpine (Whitsunday Coast) airport and then use one of many transfer services to get to your accommodation or tour.
For the drive to Airlie Beach from the Airport, the best option is a shuttle service like who will take you right to your destination. This is a friendly personalised airport transfer company with 5 star service using the latest model commuter buses while still priced at very reasonable rates.
Shuttle services, local taxis and Limousines that service Proserpine airport all need to be pre-booked before your flight lands. For your convenience, we can book for you right after you arrange your flight.
Virgin Blue and Jetstar have regular flights into Proserpine.
Hamilton Island - Also has a domestic airport bringing visitors to the area. Two ferry services then transfer passengers to the mainland via either Abel Point Marina (in Airlie Beach) or Shute Harbour (12km from Airlie Beach).
Mackay - Has a larger domestic airport but is further away from your gateway to the Whitsundays – Airlie Beach (Mackay is 150km south).
If you choose to fly here the best way to get into Airlie Beach is a booking with a shuttle service like Whitsunday 2 Everywhere who schedule regular Mackay airport pickups based on flight arrivals.
Virgin Blue, Jetstar and Tiger have regular flights into Mackay.
Transit bus Service - There is a regular bus route running in Airlie Beach extending through to Shute Harbour and Proserpine. Bus stops are conveniently dotted throughout the towns so getting anywhere on public transport is quite easy. Tickets for the transit service are paid for on the bus.
Hire Cars / Camper Vans - Several hire car companies are operating in the area and usually arrangements can be made to pick up and leave cars wherever is convenient for you. You could also hire a campervan from the Airlie Beach Wicked Campers depot.
Tourist Coaches / Bus to Airlie Beach - There are coastal bus services running the length of the Queensland coast that pass through Airlie Beach several times a day. These services run from Brisbane to Cairns and stop at most major towns and cities along the coastal route.
Queensland’s Tilt Trains offer a very fast and comfortable option for getting to and from Proserpine. They have 2 northbound and 2 southbound stops per week at Proserpine Train Station, then a connecting bus service will take you to Airlie Beach.
All bookings remain tentative until a company purchase order has been placed. At such time a written confirmation and terms of agreement letter will be sent to along with the request for a deposit of 50% of total expenditure.
50% payment is required 60 days prior to the event date.
Remainder of payment to be paid on completion of event, prior to departure.
It is recommended that you advise each delegate attending your event that they are responsible for the costs incurred in-suite including telephone, email and in-suite bar. Payment for all in-suite expenses is to be settled prior to departure.
William Blue Resort has a 60 day cancellation policy for events. All cancellations, including reduction in event attendance, made after this time will incur the following charges:
• Between 31 and 60 days from conference: 50% per person
• Between 0 and 30 days from conference: 100% per person
Please note, final attendance numbers are to be confirmed 60 days prior to event date. Should numbers increase, please contact the Sales & Marketing Department for confirmation of availability and revised costs.
Quotes are valid for 14 days from the date of quotation, unless otherwise specified.
No responsibility is taken by the establishment in the event of wet or bad weather. All clients are encouraged to have a feasible wet weather plan for their event.
Before deciding on your meal selections it is best to arrange an appointment with our Events Manager and Food & Beverage Manager to discuss your requirements and consider any recommendations for your menu. The attached menus are suggestions only and we welcome the opportunity to tailor a personalized menu for you.
Vegetarian or other special meals can be organized in addition to your meal selection given adequate notice.
Please note, due to produce and seasonable changes not all meals are available throughout the year – dishes are priced according to seasonal availability and market prices, and are therefore subject to change after confirmation without notice.
The Sales & Marketing Executive will provide you with the first draft Event Order Forms service group activity booked, 60 days prior to the group booking commencing. You are required to review the Event Order Forms, request any necessary changes, and return to the Sales & Marketing Executive within seven (7) days.
All food and beverage outlets and events center areas are strictly licensed areas only – no BYO or corkage charges will be considered.
Please choose your desired wines from the list provided. Please note availability and vintages are subject to change. We recommend that you choose one champagne, one red and one white wine, and beer as a minimum offering. Our sommelier would be happy to make suggestions based upon your menu selections. Special requests for particular wines / beverages are taken into consideration and if possible can be supplied for the event at a predetermined restaurant retail price.
The bar works on a tab system where the patron may choose to designate a set limit per head for the duration of the event. When the limit is approaching the patron is notified and may then set a new limit or close the bar. As the patron you may specify what will and will not be offered through the bar during the event. All beverages are served by the glass to patrons and charged by the bottle to the bar tab.
Seating capacity varies depending on selected venue. Please note, where venues have an outdoor area, the capacity noted includes uncovered outdoor space.
? Events Centre 100
? Coast Restaurant 130
? The Greens Golf Club 100
? Beach Bar & BBQ 80
? Bistro 180
? Cruise Night Club 100
Should you require designated seating, place cards are required in order for staff to easily seat guests. A detailed seating plan will need to be arranged prior to the event with our staff. This involves drafting a plan of tables and then allocating guests to each seat. Staff will take responsibility for setting the place cards, with tables fully set and in place at least 2 hours before the event starting time.
Linen is provided free of charge and tables set with full cutlery, linen napkins and glassware. Additional charges are applicable for flower arrangements or other decorative items.
Our Penthouse Suites are suitable for small private cocktail style events. We are able to provide you with a butler and wait staff for the evening at an additional charge.
We ask that event organizers keep in mind the Resort will be accommodating guests outside of your event. Therefore we kindly request entertainment such as live bands, and equipment such as microphones and / or announcement systems are pre-approved by management and are only used within exclusive event venues on site. Where an event is being held in more open surrounds, classical musicians such as string quartets or acoustic entertainers are encouraged.
Please note, it is your responsibility to inform the establishment of any planned entertainment and events for the night. The establishment reserves the right to cease any entertainment which is unauthorized or which creates inappropriate noise levels at any time during the event.
We thank you for the opportunity to present our Events offerings to you and look forward to welcoming you to William Blue Resort in the near future.
Kind regards,
Sales & Marketing Executive
Student Name
Assessment Criteria Satisfactory Non-Satisfactory
Part A
Environmental Analysis
A satisfactory response will include:
A completed marketing environment analysis (using the template provided) and including practical examples of all elements of the internal business environment (organisation, suppliers, marketing intermediaries, customers, existing competitors, publics); and the external business environment (demographic, economic, natural, technological, political, cultural and emerging competitors); and appropriate approvals. The response did not fulfil the requirements of the question
Part B
SWOT Analysis A satisfactory response will include:
A populated SWOT analysis relating to assignment brief (using supplied template) including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; minimum of 5 goal statements; appropriate approvals; and details of the people involved in the consultation process. The response did not fulfil the requirements of the question
Marketing Strategies & Tactics A satisfactory response will include:
A positioning statement; business objectives for occupancy / number of room nights to be achieved in 12 months; correct calculation of annual marketing budget; quantifiable marketing objectives; action plan covering distribution, sales promotion, advertising, personal selling, public relations, website, emerging technology; a breakdown of budget
(% of budget and dollars allocated) by promotional tool category; processes and methods for evaluation of each promotional tool; strategies for research relating to customer and staff satisfaction, and target markets; details for adjustments (action, reason, date completed); required is appropriate approvals and internal distribution details. The response did not fulfil the requirements of the question
Creative Concept A satisfactory response will include:
The design of an advertisement described in ‘promotional tactics’ – Part C) including creative layout and text including: logo / branding, slogan, resort location, body copy (correct spelling), eye catching visuals, and reservations details. The response did not fulfil the requirements of the question

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