Recent Question/Assignment

I have an assignment which is a presentation due this week however the slides need to be handed in tonight at 11:00pm.
Here are the guidlines, rubric and questions.
Discuss the chemistry required to synthesise the drug, highlighting two important reactions in the synthetic pathway, these must be reactions you have not studied previously in the course.
Can you highlight 2 reaction steps?

Look at changes in the functional groups, what are the reagents required to achieve the change?
What is the name of the reaction?
Have you sought help from me if you don’t understand these steps?
Discuss the mechanism of action in the body and the metabolism of the pharmaceutical. Are there any side effects of the pharmaceutical?
How does the drug change within the body?
What organ in the body breaks down the drug?
Is the drug converted into another form in the body to become active?
How is the drug excreted, and in what form?
Can you give a structure?
What are metabolites?
• Conclusion, provide any future developments, new alternative pharmaceuticals.