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PFA - 700 words and project income statement in MS Excel
Prepare and monitor budgets
The Project Assesst 1 is based on the Unit of Competency:
You are required to prepare and monitor budget by:
Section 1: Identify an event or function on which to base this project. (Requires Section 2: Develop a budget for the event or function and present to h clientRequire s Assessor approval)
Section 3: Review and monitor the budget of the event or function. Assess actual performance against estimated performance and take action on significant deviations/variances which has occurred in the budget.
Assessor instructions:
The Assessor will need to provide approval for your selection of event or function and the business profile.
Your Assessor is available to clarify any instructions you may find unclear.

There are 2 files

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 942 words including Calculations

Editable Microsoft Excel Workbook
Worksheet Count: 1 worksheet

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