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49004 Systems Engineering for Managers
Supplementary Individual Assignment:
This assignment seeks to help you understand some of the basic concepts of systems and systems engineering that we have considered so far, either through your readings or in class. As you attempt the assignment, consider the systemic aspects that are being looked for in the questions. Use appropriate headings as you respond to the parts of the assignment below.
Consider a public transport system comprising a bus service, a train service and a tram service. It exists to serve the population of a city.
1. Identify the key stakeholders of the system.
2. Identify what the system is for from the perspective of each of the stakeholders. Write these as a set of requirements from each perspective. (use a table to answer parts 1 and 2 – no more than 1 page)
3. Identify at least 3 subsystems of this system, and construct a high level system hierarchy diagram. (Half a page maximum)
4. Consider the “bus” in this public transport system. Identify at least two containing systems to which the “bus”, as a system, contributes. Show the bus as an element simultaneously of both of these containing systems in a diagram. A well-constructed diagram is sufficient to answer this part. (Half a page)
5. For each of the containing systems, list, as bullet points, the contribution that the bus needs to make. Identify any conflicts in the contributions required by each of these containing systems. (Use a 3-column table with bullet points within the table – Half a page)
6. Construct a trade study value system (see the reading by Lacy) that may be used to address these conflicting requirements. (1 page maximum)
7. Construct a context diagram for the bus in the public transport system, clearly indicating all the key interfaces to other systems. (A diagram on 1-page maximum)
8. Considering these interfaces, identify some of the functions that the bus, as a system, must perform to satisfy the requirements of the interface. (1-page maximum)
9. Reflect on the above and identify the key systemic issues that you addressed. (Half a page, bullet points).
Note: Your assignment response should be NO MORE than 6 pages plus a Table of Contents page and a page of references if you use any.
Due: 12 March 2018.