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Strategic plan report
Assignment 2: Strategic Plan Report (Report Format)
Value: 60.
Length: 3,600 words (an allowance of 10% above/below word count is allowed only)
Due Date:11.00pm, Sunday, 4 March 2018 - (a 10% deduction penalty per each day late
applies to all late assignment submissions- this includes a deduction from 11.01pm on the
due date)
In assignment 2, you are expected to critically analyse the strategy and competitive environment of a company, a product, or an industry sector, of your choice. This can be a profit, or non-for profit organisation. You will be expected to provide background information, analyse current strategy and position (including strengths and weaknesses), using at least two analysis concepts discussed in the course, and that you critiqued in your first assignment, and make recommendations for future strategy.
The report needs to contain the following sections:
0. Title page (A clear indication of what you are examining. E.g. the company, product, or
industry sector etc. you are examining)
1. Introduction and background (of company, product, or industry)
2. Methods (e.g. how you are obtaining the informat)on/data)
3. Analysis of strategy/position using at least two concepts of analysis discussed in the course (for example, external environmental analysis, SWOT analysis, Porter's 5fototo model, concept mapping, stakeholder analysis etc.). Analysis may include both current, and past strategy.
4. Other information that you believe may be relevant (e.g. generic strategies, positioning, financial performance, leadership, life-cycles, or other relevant information YOU decide is important to include).
S. Recommendations for future strategy (this is a very important section and requires at least 500 words). YOUR recommendations should include not only the 'what' should be done, but also the 'how' (implementation) of strategy.
6. Reference list
7. Appendices (*Optiona))
*Further information/detail and discussion for assessment 2 will be given in class seminars during the study period.
Evaluation Criteria
The criteria on which your work for this assessment item will be marked are:
- the quality of the content, and relevance of your information included in your work as
required for the assignment
- the depth, breadth and variety of sources of your research into your chosen area
- your ability to critically analyse your topic
- your ability to apply strategic concepts from the course, and also with a perspective on
the future
- your ability to produce a report that is academically grounded with due consideration to
your presentation, content, style and referencing

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3819 words including References

Company Selected: Starbucks Corporation
Note: It is based on previous assignment

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