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Assessment Details
Details of assessment submission and return are listed under each assessment task.
Assessment tasks will be returned to you within two to three weeks of submission.
If the Course Coordinator allows submissions in hard copy format, you will be required to attach an Assignment Cover Sheet which is available on the learnonline student help ( and in myUniSA.
Assessment Summary
Length Duration Weighting Due datride Submit .b.a=n9
1 Critique .00 wonis N/A 40% n Feb 2018.11:00 PM t.rnontine C01. CO4, CO5
2 Report 3600 wonis N/A 60% 4 Mar 2018. MOO Pf4 teamontine CO2, CO3, CO6
Feedback proformas
The feedback proforma is available on your learnonline course site. It can be accessed via
the Feedback Form link in the Course Essentials block.
Critique of method
Assignment 1: Critique of Methods (Essay Format)
Value: 40%
Length: 2400 words (an allowance of 10% above/below word count is allowed oSy)
D. Date:11.00pm, Sunday, 11 February 2018 - (a 10% deduction penalty per each day late
applies to all late assignment submissions - this includes a deduction from 11.01pm on the
due date)
Please note that assignment 1 and 2 are linked. In this first assignment, you are expected to critique (critically analyse and discuss) at least two of the strategic concepts of analysis (for example SWOT, Porter's S Forces, PESTEL etc.) that you will use in Assignment 2. In critiquing the two concepts of analysis in the Assignment 1 essay, you also need to discuss the usefulness, or otherwise, of applying such concepts of analysis to your chosen company, product, or industry sector for the upcoming 2nd assignment.
This essay requires 3 sections:
1. Critique of strategic concept of analysis number one
2. Critique of strategic concept of analysis number two
3. One or two paragraphs discussing the usefulness, or otherwise, of applying such concepts of analysis to your chosen company, product, or industry sector etc. that you will examine in Assignment 2.
*Furthe( information/detail and discussion for assessment 1 will be given in class seminars during the study period. It is important to understand that you are critiquing the concepts only in Assignment 1, not applying them for the purpose of analysis (applying them is done in Assignment 2).

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2536 words including References

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