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Develop this topic into a well-organized essay, following the guidelines below. Correct spelling and grammar will be considered during grading. Part of your grade will depend upon including the required block quotes. Be sure to answer all parts of the question.
Students will generally compose the essay inside their word processor and then COPY and PASTE (using CONTROL V) the text into the space provided below. The essay should be approximately two - three double-spaced pages long.
IMPORTANT! Be sure to SAVE your answer before SUBMITTING it. If you do not SAVE it, it will show up -blank,- with no text.
Finally, DO NOT copy material from another student or online source and paste it into this essay response box, representing it as your own work. This is plagiarizing. Doing this will get you a grade of 0, and it is not difficult for instructors to detect. You MUST show your sources when adding quotes to your work, or your grade will be a zero. The ONLY source you should be using is the Honest Graft text.
Your semester writing assignment will largely be based on: Riordon, William L. Honest Graft: The World of George Washington Plunkitt. Note that the complete text of Honest Graft, with all of its chapters and introductory material can be found online at no cost at: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. For students who prefer a printed copy, you may use ISBN 1-881089-06-1 or any edition.
* SEMESTER WRITING ASSIGNMENT: The essay is not timed and may be submitted at any time prior to the due date. Please read the essay instructions carefully, and answer all parts of the questions. Note the deadline for this assignment. Papers turned in late for any reason will not be accepted to eliminate any confusion. Also, note that the essays must not be copied from the Internet, or from any other source. They must represent original work and reflect the student's writing style. An essay that is largely copied will receive a 0. Graded essays will include brief instructor comments and will be available to review on the Assignments page. Late assignments are not accepted.
Section One:According to the book, who are politicians? Are they people determined to be politicians before they come to office?
Section Two:Discuss the experiences of one of the central characters in this book.Explain what you think the author's concept of -honest graft- is? How does this influence Plunkit?
Section Three:List and describe from the book who were -honest- and those that were not honest politicians, as well how they were defined in this manner.
Section Four:Explain what Plunkitt says that alcohol does to politicians and why.
***Include at least three direct quotes from the book to support your position. Be sure to cite these quotations in parentheses. For example, your citation might look like this:
-I could get nothin' at a bargain but a big piece of swamp, but I took it fast enough and held on to it. What turned out was just what I counted on. They couldn't make the park complete without Plunkitt's swamp, and they had to pay a good price for it. Anything dishonest in that?- (author's last name P. #).
PLEASE NOTE: If you do not include the 3 direct quotations from the book, you will lose 25 points from your score.

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Word Count: 857 words including References

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