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Assignment 2: Development of a Dynamic Website
Due date: Monday 29th January 2018, 5:00pm
You are to make the site that you created in Assignment One fully functional
The website should include the following features:
1. Cascading Stylesheet
Create an external cascading stylesheet that all pages are linked to. The following styles should be used.
• Background color of the table rows: In the gift description page, the odd rows and even rows of the table should have different background colors. Hence, rows 1, 3, 5 … have the same background color, and rows 2, 4, 6 … have the same background color.
• Hover effect for hyperlinks: the style of hyperlinks should change when the mouse moves over the hyperlinks.
2. JavaScript
Add JavaScript code to the contact form to validate the form when the submit button is clicked.
The validation should ensure that the email field contains the ‘@’ character, and no field is empty.
3. PHP
Change the website to respond to the forms by querying the Deakin Oracle database, generating content, and adding information to the database. Your PHP code should enable the following functions:
• When a user looks up a product using the search form, they will be sent a dynamic page that displays the product details using information retrieved from the relevant database table.
• When a user fills in a contact form, all the data from the completed form will be inserted into the relevant database table. A confirmation page should be displayed or in the event of an error, an appropriate error message should be shown to the user.
All the files should be zipped and uploaded to Deakin College Moodle website by the due date. (Limit of 10 Mb applies)

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