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Course: Organizational Behaviour
Assignment 1:
Due Date: January 25,2018 (11:59 pm MST)
Word Limit: 120 words
Watch the video clip; how would you describe Rosa's -personality-? What is her core self-evaluation? (page 55) Does her behaviour reflect pro-active personality? (page 57)
Vita Needle has a positive stereotype of elderly workers - what elements make up this stereotype? Does the perception seem to be accurate in Rosa's case?
Video clip Link:
Attachment: Page 55 and Page 57.
Assignment 2:
Due Date: January 25,2018 (11:59 pm MST)
Word Limit: 120 words
Imagine you are a manager of a furniture store; your employees are all commission sales. Personality testing was completed as part of the hiring process for these individuals - Big Five Personality Model, Self-monitor, Machiavellianism. Describe which of the below employees you would hire for the job keeping in mind the job responsibilities and why. The ones you are not hiring explain why NOT.
TREY - high Mach, high self-monitor, high extrovert, moderate aggreableness and emotional stability
KATE - moderate Mach, moderate extrovert, high conscientousness and emotional stability
SETH - low mach, high self-monitor, low extroversion, high agreeablness, high conscientousness
For each character, and keeping in mind the job responsibilities, identify Pluses, Minuses and Interesting points.
Assignment 3:
Due Date: January 26,2018 (11:59 pm MST)
Word Limit: 120 words
Your team will be presenting a proposal for a new approach to integrating learning technology into the curriculum to the Director. You know that her Personality-type is ENTJ. How can you use knowledge of her Personality-Type in planning and delivering your presentation to gain her support for your proposal?
Your challenge:
Which four characteristics of the ENTJ type seem particularly relevant here?
What should be your goal in this situation?
List four specific actions you will take in planning and delivering the presentation to increase your chance of gaining your boss’s support and approval for your proposal?

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 432 words including References

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