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GENB 4350
Assignment 1
Suggested Length: 500 to 600 Words
1. Task
Think of an ethical dilemma/issue that you experienced recently – one in which you had to decide whether one choice or another was the more ethical. This can be a situation you experienced at work, at home, or elsewhere.
First, briefly describe the situation and the decision you made. This should take up no more than approximately one-third of your paper.
Second, FULLY discuss your rationale for the decision. The most important part of this paper is that you fully support your decision (i.e., provide a detailed explanation for your decision). This section of the paper should consist of about two-thirds of your paper.
You should review the online lectures on writing and critical thinking (and the sample paper) before beginning the assignment. Refer to the syllabus for resource location.
Please refer to the General Assignment Instructions for information about formatting and submitting your paper.
Note: Your paper should represent your highest quality work in terms of critical thinking AND writing. Online lectures on writing, ethical reasoning and critical thinking are available in Blackboard in the folder: All Course Content ? Week 1 ? Attend a Lecture (Online Video Presentations.)
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Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 624 words including References

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