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11141 LA41.111144411., 41.
Item Due date Weighting Length
Task 1— Mid-Term Test WK 7 20 %
Individual Assignment - Reflection Essay WK 11 30 % 1,500 —
In this assignment you will be required five (5) reflection essays each of 300 — 400 words length. These essays would be based on the videos that are part of the learning material for this unit. You will required to choose ANY five of the videos and write a reflection on each of the chosen videos. Each of these essay will account for 6% of your semester grade (all five together determine 30% of your trimester grade). The purpose of the reflection essays is to encourage a deeper exploration of the learning videos. 2,000 words
Focus on interpreting a specific aspect of the videos rather than skimming the surface or giving general comments or opinions. A good starting point is to briefly identify how the work impacted you, then move on to a critical approach, theme, or analysis of basic elements (such as identifying how the video's
point of view, setting, voice, or other element
influences the way you interpret the ethical
concepts). The best essays are those that strive to discover something significant that the casual viewer
would not have noticed, and then support and
explore effectively with quotes from the videos.
Final Examination (Closed Book Exam) Exam week 00%
Information on the final exam will be provided by the lecturer on blackboard.
Prescribed Textbook (compulsory)
rT Open With CD Print

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