Recent Question/Assignment

Please see the task attached herewith. Given below is how this should work as these are the final 2 modules of the Degree.
1. Research Outline should be done (this is 500 words). This should be done based on a selected Topic considering that the MBA is specializing in Banking (I prefer something with regard to E Banking but we can discuss and agree on the topic).
2. Once the outline is done, I will have to submit it for Tutor's review & Approval. If tutor recommends any further changes, the same need to be incorporated. Please also note that the Expert should complete the Research Ethics form too.
3. Once the outline has been approved by the Tutor, the Research Proposal needs to be done and I have attached some examples too.
4. Once the above are completed, the Project will commence which is a separate task.
Also kindly note that all of the above have to be done by One Expert and I will have to work with him / her throughout the above steps. Items 1-3 should be considered as one task but 1-3 will happen sequentially. Item 4 is a separate task but they are all interrelated hence having one expert working on all of the above is mandatory.
How it works is that, you give me the research outline first (500 words with suitable references) and I submit it to the tutor. Tutor might approve or he might prescribe changes. We have to accommodate that and resubmit if he wants changes to be done. Once this is approved, we do the research proposal (3,500 words). that completes this task. Next task which is separate to this is the project (15,000 words) for which I will place another order. But all these tasks needs one expert as they are all internconnected