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E- Journal : -Relationship between organisational strategy and knowledge audit plan-
For this assignment you will write a journal entry related to topics from Weeks 8. You will need to export your entry into Moodle as a html page for marking by the end of the following week.
You will read the chapter and/or readings as listed in the weekly schedule for week 8, and complete a journal entry in your Mahara journal in the following format:
Journal format and word limit
Word limit: 400-450 words per journal entry.
Each journal entry should be comprised of the following four sections:
• Rich Picture- or concept map using CMAP or MS Visio Software, framing the ideas and concepts you are critquing in the topic.
• Synopsis - this is a summary of the content of the chapter and should be written with an objective viewpoint;
• Critique - how well you think the author or authors addressed the chapter topic and should be written with an objective viewpoint;
• Your reflection - how you think the readings have assisted you in understanding the weekly course topic. This section can be subjective as you are discussing your own learning.

1. Taheri, L, Noraini,C, Abdulla, R. & Abdullah, S 2014, 'Knowledge audit model for requirement elicitation process' International Journal of Social, Management, Economics and Business Engineering,(please read only - vol. 8, no. 2, pp.467-471.)
2. BABOK v3 A Guild to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge, 2015 International Institute of Business Analysis (please read only - Chapter 9 )
3. The Information Audit Principles and Guidelines 2003 HANNERÍ BOTHA AND J.A. BOON
4. Integrated reporting Elevating value, EY
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Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 574 words including Diagrams and References

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