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I need help for the following assignment.
Due date: January 14 ,2017 (11:55 am MST).
Course: Organizational Behaviour
Word Limit: 120 Words
Let us take a look at Google. Many of the benefits and forms of organizing that are highlighted in the video are based on organizational behavior concepts and strategies.
Video: (See attachment)
This video focuses on what Google wants to get from its employees. ( If you can't open it try this link -; apologies if an ad comes up first!)
Using the Basic OB Model Exhibit 1-4 on page 21 (See attachment), identify how Google's unique workplace uses processes, (the middle column), to engage the individual in the group and organizational levels in their organization. Would the Google workplace be effective in motivating you as an employee? Why or why not?
How similar or different is your workplace to what you see happening at Google? Do you have massage therapy services or a -free food- cafeteria? How does Google's billboard recruiting help them hire the -right- employees?
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