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Table 1: GRADE REPORT relation
Student_ID Student_Name Campus_Address Major Course_ID Course_title Instructor_Name Instructor_Location Grade
16830058 Williams Albury BIT ITC114 Database Sys Peter B104 HD
16830058 Williams Albury BIT ITC211 Sys Analysis John B115 D
543291073 Baker Wagga Acct ITC200 Database Mgt David H310 D
543291073 Baker Wagga Acct Acc11 Fund Acct William A120 C
543291073 Baker Wagga Acct Mkg21 Intro Mkt Mike A112 P
Using above table
1. Draw a dependency diagram to show the functional dependencies in the relation
2. Decompose the GRADE REPORT relation into a set of 3NF relations
3. Draw a relational schema for your 3NF relations and show the referential integrity constraints

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 306 words including Diagrams and Codes

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