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School of Computing & Information Technology
CSCI358 Security Engineering Summer Session 2017/2018
Presentation and Report (Worth 10%)
Due 10:00am Tuesday 23th January 2018
This due date is the start of the morning on which the presentations will take place.
The groups
Students will be in groups of 3, or 2 if necessary. Numbers aren’t completely sorted yet. The topics have been posted.
What do you need to do?
There are two assessables for this assignment:
1. The presentation, worth 5%.
2. The report, worth 5%.
Each topic is a question appropriate for a debate, and as such they need to be studied to look for arguments in favour and against something. The presentation and report should address the following:
1. An explanation of the question.
2. Arguments on both sides of the question.
3. An attempt to determine an answer to the question based on the arguments found.
4. How the material is related to topics covered in the lecture notes.
Presentation details
The presentations will take place at the morning class.
Each group is to do at most a fifteen (15) minute presentation, aim for 13 or 14 minutes, followed by up to five (5) minutes for a question/discussion time. Question time should start with the group giving the class some questions/challenges to respond to. The reminder of the time is an opportunity for the rest of the class to ask questions.
Not all team members need to talk as part of the presentation, but all should contribute to the development of the presentation and the report, and, if needed, to the answering of questions.
Although the presentation and report are obviously to be related, the presentation should not be a dump of the report or vice-versa. Students should add value to the slide as they present and use appropriate visual aids to explain their presentation.
Report details
The report should be about 4000 to 6000 words long, plus references. If it’s pure text you should likely be near the upper end of that range but in most cases you will be able to more efficiently represent some information in diagrams/tables/figures. There is no need to include a cover page on the submitted version since it will be submitted through Moodle. The report should include details that need to be omitted in the presentation due to the lack of time.
Notes on submission
Submission is via Moodle. Please submit your report in pdf and your presentation in powerpoint or similar. The report may be processed through Turnitin so direct copying from websites and failure to appropriately reference will be picked up. Be sure to present the report in your own words or your group will be penalised.
Each student also needs to email me, by the assignment deadline, estimating the weight of contribution of each member of their group.
1. The deadline for submission of the report and presentation slides is 10:00am Tuesday 23th January 2018.
2. One person from each group needs to make a submission. If multiple people make submissions thelast one received will be marked.
3. Late submissions will be marked with a 25% deduction for each day, including days over the weekend.
4. Submissions more than three days late will not be marked, unless an extension has been granted.
5. If you need an extension apply through SOLS, if possible before the assignment deadline.
6. Plagiarism is treated seriously. Students involved will likely receive zero.
c Luke McAven, SCIT-EIS-UOW, University of Wollongong, 2017.

There are 2 files including Word Document and PowerPoint Presentation
Topic: Security and usability are often in conflict.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 4978 words including Diagrams and References

Editable Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Slide Count: 17 slides with Speaker Notes

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