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Assessment Task 1: Research Report
Instructions to Student:
In order to be competent in this assessment you must conduct research and write a report about Diabetes. This is an open book assessment and you may use learning resources, research or the internet to answer questions. You must reference all resources you use in Harvard Style Referencing format. Your research report must be compiled in four sections as detailed below. Your assessor will mark your work using the marking guide provided below, please review each point to ensure that you have covered the entire requirement of this report before handing it in to your assessor. There is no required word count as long as you cover all points. You should aim to keep this under 2000 words, it is recommended that you create this report using word processing software and print it for your assessor:
Section 1: The anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of diabetes and related conditions.
You may wish to include diagrams to assist you with this section, but they are not a requirement. This section must include:
• Type 1 diabetes
• Type 2 diabetes
• Gestational diabetes mellitus
Section 2: Diabetic issues
In this section, you must describe the potential problems and conditions that may arise when you are caring for a person with diabetes and how you can provide care and support to manage or overcome them:
• Hypoglycaemia
• Hyperglycaemia
• Ketoacidosis
• Hyper osmolar non-ketonic coma
• Retinopathy
• Infection (including gangrene)
• Psychosocial issues
• Microvascular and macrovascular disease
• Self-esteem (and factors that influence it)
Section 3: Health Promotion Goals
In this section, you are to describe the following health promotion goals and their expected outcomes for a person with diabetes:
• Exercise
• Diabetic diet
• Weight loss (body mass index or waist to hip ratio)
• Quitting smoking
• Foot and eye care
Section 4: Diabetes Care Delivery
In this section, you are to critically analyse common issues related to diabetes care delivery and diabetes-related services including:
• Environmental factors that contribute to diabetes in the Australian general population
• Underlying social factors contributing to diabetes in the Australian general population
• Underlying factors involved with the higher rate of diabetic illnesses in the Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander population.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2553 words including Diagrams and References

Title: Diabetes Mellitus

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