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Short Answer Cluesticry,
Due 05-Jan-.201
iRtet.rni date: 29-Jan-01 8
ILerigth: 3600 words (4-/- 10%)
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Alternative Submission method
Answer eli the questions below_ All answer including the topic overview, textbook, retie'. material, 0ricir any wider reading you 'have FIB,'Word counts are indicative of the leng for this assessment should be 3800 words !Please refer to the marking guide for guide All of the questions relate to each other, thl response to one Will :inform how you respor
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they are int.rahnect45,1_
1) Identify the two, different, theoretical per this subject, which underpin how we under critically discuss 'their key ideas and featur. (overview, textbook, the required academic provided .serycl fricim your wider reading_ Dc' organisational change, one based upon tin: discussed above, and the second based .cit discusssecl above_ Eira,er/3e explain the link It theoretical perspective_ (o.500 words).
2) Using an organisation that you are farni public domain., i.e. from organisational web
a) Briefly introduce the organisation
b) Identify :and describe a change that is h. it (including what the change is, lhow it is in who is involved and how, and how employ(
c) (to on to explain how your definitions (fn occurring in this organisation_ (c_650 word.t
Please eats: In selecting a suitable organ' access the required relevant information al above questions.
3)a) Draw up a SWCET analysis, as a table organisational change which you identified
and integrate your analysis, including a car the business arid connects this to why the
'Then, in your own words, (but using refers;
evaluate the benefits .a1-70, drawbacks (from
perspectives) of using business an.
.• II ifcrtr Pa..) aG, 22
S j crt
4) li:sing the subject materials (overview, te material), as well as your wider reading, ids conceptualisations and ideas about of role case). and THEN apply this analysis specil above. (0_750 words).
5) 'Using the subject material. (topic overvi material from online meetings) as well as y discuss both problem-centric and dialogic e theoretical ontology of organisational char, underpins each critically assess the bens- approaches to change martagerne:nt, ,Go .01 would prefer to use to manage the change words).
c. = around/about. co .=-500 word. rr
I-lint. All these questions are inter-related! organisational change and the theoretical p organisational change, inform how you LAr1C you have described, These also relate to h agent, and inform your choice of approach A that you have described. In this way, each foundation of the previous response's_
Use in-text referencing arid provide e
reviewed references (APA6 style) at the en
The use of grey literature, or media s
the organisation) does not count towards tt reference, (rsdlake sure that you understan
academic peer-reviewed literature)_
4C,ril in. submission via Turnitin is required f by your subject lecturer.
This assign merit has been designed to:
„Assist you to develop your analytical .
• .Apply your knowledge of the key conc, change to a practical example
• .Assess learning outcome 1 - Identify e Assess learning outcome 2 - Assess e and explain .why these are contested .Assess learning outcome 3 - From a re examine and critically analyse approac the outcomes.
lilculkung criteria