Recent Question/Assignment

1. Following the event, your training and development manager has asked you to provide some feedback. Produce a written evaluation of the effectiveness and application of interpersonal skills during the design and delivery process. You should also include an evaluation of your performance in this project and your contribution to the team you worked in.
2. Produce a report discussing problem-solving and its importance in planning and running an event. Your report should include a discussion of various problem-solving techniques and justify the solution methodologies used during your project. You should also include a critique of the application of critical reasoning and your experiences of it.
3. Consider your personal and/or career goals and identify your CPD needs and what actions would put you in a position to achieve these goals. Produce a development plan outlining your future goals and identifying how these can be realised.
4. Conduct some research into motivational theories and how they can be used to improve employee performance. Compare a number of theories and present your findings to your peers.
5. Write a report on the usage of CPD within organisations and what evidence would be required to measure how effective this CPD is in helping employees achieve their goals while using their time and resources effectively.