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Assessment item 2A
Strategic Management
Value: 20%
Due date: 17-Dec-2017
Return date: 12-Jan-2018
Length: 1500 words
Submission method options
Alternative submission method
Using an organisation that has been in the news in the past two years, apply and critically evaluate how each of the following theoretical concepts influences strategic management practices in that organisation. Provide recommendations that would enhance strategic management in your chosen organisation
• Industry attractiveness
• Resource based view (resources, capabilities and core competencies)
• Competitive advantage
Refer to relevant academic literature and source materials.
This assessment addresses the following subject learning objectives.
• be able to critically analyse and evaluate a variety of management theories and practices;
• be able to identify and apply a variety of management and organisational theories and practices;
This assessment will also help you use empirical evidence to support your arguments. Marking criteria
Cited. High Distinction (85-100%) Distinction (75 — 84%) Credit (65 —7a%) Pas. (50 — 64%)
You meet Me distinction cafe..
You synthesise the met etithl concepts
'Irittheorat*- You meal Ure drslinclion criteria. cencopls and the-
„fluence on ate influence of lho listed Ihcaolicel
organisatMn7g8i oonceprs to contemporary workplaces. and appy all of the listed Iheoretkal
YtTE,===-ce on the strategic management of m. organisation.
You include multiple evaWalive
nd appficatlon
„Yoogu,rc evaluations are based on sound
your are -P°°---=,,:=
:sjcaricti7ati spay =7'
listed theoretical concepts.
T;17.47:7.::::- Irom a•
Most of your arguments are :no,ted by acadenac three
= accurately'alat: Of
ei1 listed be nd apply the n.You do
riot meet
adeguetNy deathbed and =ad by aced...
You include some evaluation of
- al Z:r1Uondotatit ieligrlifsr: concepts.
gni; oe of ill: t=„Tic't are cornets.
Application of appropriateal
concepts to management
organisation (/5)
Yre:rs= be least thare71 on the :management (I3) Vro7s=thdet.ions am based on
sound logic. 'tisPm= =d on me ==tionsam based on You provide at teed lw
the preceding analysis
Y-ar-eanadat,'-:--: °..
preceding anatysis
anguege and follow
8 wall and ecade m.
EYour paragraphs are sinZI =he'drd
woe, log..
=1:7:8 --and'saocuretey follow the APA format.
ik m
iertirng skills and
is understandable.
s and rebw the eference
Your writing b understarMable.
Your rdl8tlals and reference list
mostly follow Ore APAfamal.
No marks awarded but a maximum of 5 marks each may be deducted for the following:
Exceeding word count (+/-10%d)
• •• • l• • •
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This assessment will also help you use empirical evidence to support your arguments.
Marking criteria
Please see presentation guidelines in the 'Assessment Information' section of the subject outline.
You must follow an essay structure which includes an introduction; a body that outlines the argument, analyses the literature researched and answers the essay question; and a conclusion. Your writing style must follow professional literacy which includes the following.
• Citations and a final reference list that follows the APA 6 guidelines accurately. Please see the CSU Referencing website at
• Academic language (respectful, non-emotive, inclusive, non-sexist) and accurate English mechanics (spelling, grammar, punctuation etc.)
• A minimum of three (3) academic journals as citations/references.
Additional information to assist you with your assignment can be found here
This assessment must be submitted via Turnitin. Text match should not be more than 20%.
Pass (50 — 64%)
High Distinotion (85-100%)
Distinction (75 — WA) Credit (65 — 74%)
You meet the distinction
You synthesise the theoretical concepts
and thetioes ir
VW meal Uhe rfatinclbn .„s and
all=e7redescnbe t Yd=raai l' a==-
You draw connections between the Most of your arguments are
three conoepb In temps of their supposed Dy curent academe
influence on the strategic management pumaH.
of the organisaton.
All of
, include multpb -.:7;9„,a„ Om, k*-'
You include Some evaluation e ¢0 concepts.
FEetEEEFb b sound Ziluo:ortyrbry arguments er
1=1==nts are supported by Soif(In'
applyYou tle3aiDe and the
concepts and al least two of them are acwrately and and aDPli
Some of your arguments are supportedY acatlemc
Some of
Application of appropriate
concepts to management
practices en
organisation (!5)
You do Zr, he ,c
Cdlical evaluation
7ical = their
practices In an
organisation. (/5)
Rea=d''- ‘====eon
=Lent P3) preceding
am based on
sound log,
the preceding
e=tons are based on
Your wilting Mows well antl is Y Is urh0ers18rMable,
understandable, yW use academk E'uricsa nglo
llow English
language and follow Engksh mechanics ce
Y-':fla -r 11:=f;-
ri=11et: :PA at. i i::11=i
Does not meet Pis COlenon
do rtte,
ho pa3E errata
the, and application from al ,ieztso of the three listed
Your wntln0lbws e d
Var paragraphs are wet struchi sequence logKal. Vat citetbna antl reference liar sairrately follow the APA format.
==-ed t-
No marks awarded but a maximum of 5 marks each may be deducted for the following:
Exceeding word count (+/- 10%)
Presentation guidelines not met
Exceeding text match (max 20%)
Number of references less than 3
Essay structure not followed
Organisation has not been in the news in the past two years

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