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BUSS 1060
Assignment 1— Photo Essay Presentation (2-3min)
Identify an appropriate organisation in your chosen field of business, for whom you may be interested in working in the future. Don’t forget to provide full references for your sources of information. A website is fine.
1. Using 6 slides ONLY, identify and report on the following aspects of the organisation:
a) Purpose (eg. what is the organisation’s principal activity?)
b) Where is it based?
c) Who are the major stakeholders and how do they impact the organisation?
d) What is this organisation’s modus operandi?
e) What is the organisation’s ranking as “Best organisation…”?
f) To which INDUSTRY does this organisation belong?
2. In 3 slides max, identify and describe your interest in this organisation
g) Which position are you interested in and why?
h) How do the activities of the position you aspire to align with your competencies? You must refer to your DISC assessment here.
i) List the three most important skills you will need to develop to get the position you aspire to.
This assignment requires you to:
1. Collect and compile a range of photos/graphics about your future chosen profession within an identified organisation. Respond to the question prompts a) - j) (no text except for heading).
2. Find or take photos of the subject matter you would like to present and create a PowerPoint slide show of around 10 slides (each slide may have multiple pictures as long as they are thematically linked). Your PowerPoints should be visual, not text-based, although you must have a clear title to address a) – i). You must provide explanations for your graphics in NOTE FORM in the click to add notes” section below each slide. If you do not do this, you will receive zero marks. Please be sure to reference your graphics and information using the Harvard system in the “click to add notes” section beneath each slide or in the footer of the slide (preferable). Please follow the order a-i above.
3. You will be assessed on:
• Your clear presentation of the organisation and the INDUSTRY.
• Your choice of visuals.
• Your ability to address all the prompts and identify them in your presentation.
• Your ability to explain how the organisation relates to your chosen future profession.
• Your ability to link your visuals to the points researched.
NB: If you do not present your organisation in the required week, you will receive zero marks even if you have submitted a PPT. Cases of genuine illness must be supported with medical evidence (certificate).
Please refer to the following checklist for preparing your presentation.
? Does your slideshow address points a) – i)?
? Are your photos of a high enough resolution to be in focus when projected?
? Have you numbered your slides?
? Have you provided sufficient information to explain your choice of visuals? (Using appropriate headings)
? Have you fully referenced all sources used, using the Harvard system? (including graphics and tables)
? Have you followed the correct order in presenting your information?
Please note that your presentation slides MUST be submitted by 9:00am on the Monday of Week 5. Presentations will take place in Week 5.
Submission of Assignment
Students, please note:
1. Please upload your PowerPoint to the portal on the assessment due date specified.
2. You will complete your oral presentation in your allocated tutorial during week 5.

Assessment feedback
BUSS 1060 Professional Development in Business
Student’s Name/username:___________________________________________________
Key assignment criteria Performance on this component Comment
F2 F1 P2 P1 C D HD
• Instructions followed, as per Course Outline demonstrating quality research
• Good use of PowerPoint (with fully referenced notes)
• Audience centred approach and Focus on oral communication skills / projection
• Correct grammar / structures
• Purpose of Organisation
• Base
• Stakeholders
• Modus Operandi
• Best organisation
• Position
• Attributes and skills
• Correct in-text referencing
• Correct reference list
TIMING (2-3 MINS) (1)
Summary Comment
*Failure to respond to this will result in a penalty of 10 marks

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