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Industrial Fluid Mc Assignment 2017(4) Semester 2, 2017
Industrial Fluid Mechanics
Heterogeneous Slurry Flow
Iron ore has to be transported to the next process section located 3 km away from the crushing site. The initial output of crushing unit is a mixture of sand and ore which is later classified in an upward flowing classification column. The solid content (i.e. underflow of classifier column) is considered as Product-A and is to be transported in slurry form. The slurry consists of pulverised solid content having 46% mass concentration with water as the carrier fluid, flowing through a 300 NB pipeline. Solid content has undergone laser analysis for evaluation of particle size distribution, with the results presented in Figure 1.
45 40 3350 25
t 20
100-200 200-303 300-400 400,500 500-600
Particle diameter range (pm)
Figure.l. Particle size distribution, Product-A
The client requires a solid delivery rate of not less than 10,000 tonnes per day.
As the design engineer you are required to evaluate and design a suitable slurry pipeline. You will need to complete the following tasks:
• Plot CD versus particle Reynolds number,
• Determine the maximum allowable sand particle diameter for all sand to be removed in the classifier overflow,
• Plot pressure drop versus flow rate of slurry
• Specify a suitable flow rate and justify your selection.
Industrial Fluid Mechanics (MCEN400I) Semester 2.2017
The client is also requires an alternative design scenario to be evaluated. In this cave, the ore Product-A is subjected to an additional crushing process such that the particle diameters in each size range are halved (i.e. 100-200 pm - 50-100 pm, remaining at 13% of the sample) obtaining Product-B. This crushing process demands 0.52 kWh/tonne of iron ore. Considering energy demand for the crushing process and the hydraulic power required to transport the slurry, answer the following design questions:
• Which product (Product A or Product 8) gives more efficient transport for the same flow rate as previously calculated.
• If flow rate reduction is permitted, does the preferred product change?
The pump station utilised for this slurry pipeline has a hydraulic efficiency of 78% (suggested for water) and an electrical efficiency of 85%.
• Determine the required electrical power to pump the slurry for each of the scenarios above and discuss preference of Product A or B based on their electrical demand.
Material and Fluid Properties:
Water density: p..1000 kg/m
Water viscosity p..0.001 Pas
Iron Ore Density: p..3830 kg/m
Sand Density: p.2700 kg/m
• Drag coefficient and settling velocity is calculated using the Archimedes approach Ar number)
Archimedes Number Coefficients a
Ran ;e
Ar 24 576 -1
24 Ar 2100 208 -0.45
2100 Ar 1.04x106 21.5 -0.193
Ar 1.04406 15 -0.0251
• Pressure drop is to be calculated using the Durand-Wasp method,
• The minimum permitted flow rate is at least 10% higher than the deposition velocity
• The solid mass flow rate should not be less than the minimum solid delivery rate, in any design scenario
• There is an example MATLAB script on Blackboard illustrating the process for determining the pressure drop using the Durand-Wasp method for multiple particle fractions. This will assist all the calculations, but you will need to modify it to suit the assignment.
Industrial Fluid Mechanics (MCEN400I) Semester 2.2017
This assignment is worth 25% of the total mark for this unit. The assignment should be presented in a report format and should contain the following elements (at a minimum):
• Title Page
• Design Criteria
• Theory (Only an overview is required, not derivations or detailed examples)
• Results (Include graphs of head loss curves for the investigated scenarios)
• Discussion
• Recommendations and Conclusions
• References
• Appendices
(Sample calculations, data and any other material which is not a necessary part of the main text, but still of relevance to the report. You must include sufficient details of your calculations to allow your results to be reproduced)
Due Date:
The assignment is due on Tuesday 7th November 2017, at 3 pm.
Note that you must submit one hardcopy to the assignments office and one electronic copy through Blackboard Tumitin.
As per the unit outline late submissions will not be accepted and may result in a fail grade for the unit.

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