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Your task is to critically appraise the clinical and economic evidence and prepare a report explaining why, on the basis of this evidence, it should or should not be funded in the Australia.
We have provided you with a clinical trial and an economic evaluation for each technology. Undertake a critical appraisal of these provided papers using suitable appraisal tool/checklists (CHEER checklist, KMAT Checklist and CASP tool) and prepare a report that includes key information about the technology and your recommendation about whether the technology should be funded in the Australian setting.
Note that for each of these technologies there may be other published studies, technology assessment reports from MSAC, PBAC or from HTA bodies internationally (for example NICE). You may refer to these in your review but the provided studies should be your primary source.
Your report should be in three parts and include the following:
1. An abstract that summarises the technology, the comparator, the key findings of the clinical trial and economic evaluations, the quality of the clinical and economic evidence, potential implications for policy and practice, and your recommendation. (Up to 500 words)
2. The completed appraisal checklists for the two provided studies.
3. A report (1000-1200 words) that addresses the following issues. The context for the health technology, including a description of the health technology, the appropriate comparator, the population and circumstances of use.
• The nature of the evidence for the safety, efficacy and effectiveness of the new technology, and your conclusions regarding this evidence. • The nature of the economic evaluation of the new technology, including: o the modelling approach. o A summary of the outcome measures in the clinical evidence and how they are translated in the economic evidence. o A summary of the types of resource use that were included in the economic evaluation, and an assessment of whether these were appropriate. o Key sources of uncertainty and assumptions, and what impact these may have on the results and interpretation. o The findings in relation to cost-effectiveness of the technology, and your conclusions regarding this evidence • An assessment of the applicability of the evidence to the Australian context. • Potential impacts on the Australian health budget and costs to consumers • Your recommendation about whether the technology should be funded in the Australian setting, and justification. • A clear reference list of resources you have used, including the provided papers

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