Recent Question/Assignment

Update for HRMG600 Assessment 3: Analytical Report
For Assessment 3, the HRMG600 Unit outline states:
The purpose of the assessment is for you to analyse and report on the HR implications of emerging working arrangements relating to the “gig economy”. Please use your own organisation to frame your report about the HR implications of this emerging form of work arrangement.
For this assignment, you need to explain how the “gig economy” operates and identify the HR benefits and challenges for your organisation and develop possible responses for effectively operating in this hyper-flexible mode. Finally, you need to provide recommendations of how your organisation might make best use of the “gig economy” working arrangements.
We are aware that some of you currently are not working, and if you are working, you are may not be working for an organisation is that is involved with the gig economy.
Therefore, you may select one of many actual organisations that actively using the gig economy as part of their operations. These are easy to identify using a GOOGLE search, as is mention of the issues around HR. However, you must back up your work with sound research using academic journal articles, academic conference papers and current reference books. These also often identify organisations that are using online or app-based platforms and other on-line systems. Areas impacting HR include: the consequent reorganisation of, and the changing nature of work; changing work structures; employment rights; employment status; fair pay; intergenerational communications; and recruitment methods, just to name a few.
A simple search in Google Scholar such as “Gig economy and HR issues” identified a number of recent good quality academic references.
Do not limit your search only to this search term: there are many other key words you can use for your search.