Recent Question/Assignment

The University of New South Wales
School of Civil & Environmental Engineering
CVEN 3304 Concrete Structures
Assignment 1 – Session 2, 2017
This is a group assignment. Only ONE submission is required per group
Due Date: To be submitted by Friday 27th October, 2017 (WK 13)
Due Time: By 11:00am
Weighting: 50/3%
Submission Location: Submission box Labelled “ALI AMIN” on Level 2 Civil Engineering Building H20
Cover Sheet: Must be included and signed.
Late Submission: Late Assignments will incur a penalty of 10% of the maximum mark per calendar day regardless of the mark awarded. An extension will only be granted by the Lecturer under exceptional circumstances. In all cases, documented evidence must be provided.
You may undertake the assignment individually or in groups of two. On the front cover of your submission provide your names and student numbers.
For this assignment students will be assessed as a team, which means each group member will normally receive the same mark. If one group member feels that the other member is not contributing, the lecturer should be informed and a group meeting held to produce a solution. NO complaints about group operation will be considered after the assignment has been handed in.
Design the beams and size up the columns to support the floor slab as shown on Figure 1 to AS3600-2009. The building is to be used as a commercial office and is located at Maroubra in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. The buildings fire rating and other durability considerations must comply with local ordinances.
The design should consider flexure, shear and deflections. The supporting columns may be treated as slender and act as simple supports. Fully detail your design and provide the contractor an indication of the tonnage of steel in your design. At the front of your assignment provide drawings of your design (in sufficient detail and clarity that the beams and columns can be constructed). Take f’c = 32 MPa, fsy = 500 MPa, the slab thickness = 250 mm. You are to make all beams equal in total depth. Beam B2 is a continuous over Column C2.
The design live loading is to be taken as appropriate for the buildings designated use.
All drawing and calculations must be able to be read and marked without pulling your assignment apart. References to Australian Standards etc are to be placed in a separate column on the right hand side of your report.