Recent Question/Assignment

bellow will be the detail you should work on in the report.
This is Environmental management course.
this is a filed report on Dangar Island.
and you have to work with imagination assuming you are on this filed practice to write a report on this.
1= you can talk about this Island, the water the tree but your report should be mainly focus on Pacific and Sydney Rock Oyster.
what you find in them, the difference between those 2 oyster. the disease that affected them, their growth. any things you can think of or add, to make your report solid. like you are on this filed for the experiment. for example the disease that affected them can be because of ship from others countries pass though around that area.
i will attach a data for you to use for your statistics and graphs in your report.
assuming you take some measurement on the site like 6 to 7 places. how many pacific oyster you find and how many Sydney rock oyster you find in eace of your experiment or measurement. you can make use of any figures of your own. if you cant understand the one i attach ok.
your introduction can be a brief history about the island and environment.
the you just work others with your imagination.
bellow are step to follow.
the structure of the field report should have the following structure:
Introduce your subject area to put your work in context.
Reference to previous work on the topic
Successive paragraphs should become more focused to your question
The final sentence/statement should the objective or aim of the study
This can be in the form of a hypothesis
Can be broken into sections
–Study site
–Organisms (binomial and common name if known)
–Experimental design
–Equipment used (including makes and models)
–Statistical methods if used
Enough detail should be given to allow others to follow and repeat the procedure
Both text with reference to tables or figures
Describe results as main trends
Tables and figures should show summary of results (do not include raw data)
Tables and figures should be numbered and titled and referred to in the text of your results
Your interpretation of your results in context of previous information
Discuss any interesting results you may have found
Interpret your findings
–in the light of previous studies
–how it fits with your aims
Discuss problems and the influence on results
Suggestions for further study
As with your essay
–Harvard style
–Only those articles cited in your work
attach file make use of only the first table . Pacific and Sydney Rock Oyster.