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Critical Analysis of Journal Article –
Journal is attached – already chosen
Assessment 2 Critical Analysis of Journal Article
Topic Critical Analysis
Length 900 words - 3 pages total.
One critical analysis of one journal article on each page (equals 2 pages).
Marking Criteria
The Study/Article
Critique of existing literature
Data collection and analysis
Findings, results, conclusion
Academic writing style
Style and Format
Your critical analyses must be typed, standard format. 10-12-point font, 2.5 cm margins. All references in Harvard format. Each page requires reference for the relevant journal in correct Harvard format.
Assessment Submission Online Via Moodle
Oral presentation – NO slides
Detailed Information This is the first part of the second assessment. Each part is worth 20%.
Annotated journal articles
This is the first part of the second assessment. Each part is worth 20%. A critical analysis should briefly summarise the main arguments of the article and critique them. Your comments should focus on the way in the journal article was useful to you in understanding your chosen topic.
To complete this assessment:
1. Select a topic from the lectures presented in weeks 1 - 4.
2. Find TWO academic journals articles related to your selected topic. Use Google Scholar or the UOW library catalogue to do this.
3. Write a critical analysis for your selected academic journal article(s).
4. Read the journal article listed as the set reading for your selected topic as listed subject outline lecture schedule (i.e. read the assigned reading from the lecture schedule for your selected week/topic).
5. Write a comparative summary of your selected article.
6. Cite your articles correctly, being sure to include their electronic links (URL's). This will allow your peer reviewer to access the articles you have chosen.
Upload your assessment to Moodle in the TurnItIn folder for Assessment 2.
You will be required to deliver an oral presentation of your critique during lecture in Week 7. NO slides are to be used.